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# 230 – Mildred Pierce (TV-show special)


To be clear, Mildred Pierce is not a TV-show but a mini-series that snatched Emmys for both Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce. I watched all the five episodes in one day and enjoyed it quite a lot, it even motivated me to watch Dowton Abbey of which I’ll be writing soon. Since Kate Winslet was the star of the series, with valid reasons, I’d start with her and her character. It seems Winslet is used to roles that take her…

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# 195 – The Ides of March (trailer special)


To be completely honest, I haven’t watched a serious drama in a long time and actually there hasn’t been anything that has interested me – except now. When the ever favorite George Clooney writes and directs a movie with him in the lead and the guy who stole our heart in The Notebook, Ryan Gosling next to him you surely would think that nothing can go wrong. The movie is very political, lots of intrigue and all of it seems…

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# 51 – Life Before Her Eyes


After watching this movie (2007) I had to think, really put the pieces together and see beyond the story that was shown in this movie. I loved it. I read somewhere that it recieved negative critics because it was too complex – well, have you seen Estonian movies? (What am I saying, the whole Europe loves complex movies). Yes, it was confusing at the end but I think that the messy ending made the movie better. Visually it was cool…

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