Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Unforgettable Film Scores

Film scores have such an important part in creating a mood and elevating the images on screen. Unfortunately I’m a very lousy movie lover when it comes to scores and I definitely don’t pay enough attention. Mostly because I’m more of a visual person than auditory. There are, despite my lack of awareness towards scores, a few that have stood out. These are three film scores that I have listened to from start to finish… more than once.

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Sicario (2015)

Sicario Review

The word sicario means hitman in Spanish, and once you know this, you will gain the basic idea what Sicario is about. Maybe an exaggerated version of the reality, maybe a version of the reality we have not used to seeing but is existing out there – either way, Sicario will scare you and it will make you wonder how many bad men have done bad things and gotten away with it because the bad things are done to equally bad men.

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Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

edge of tomorrow

Right from the start I knew there were going to be some expectations, as there was that tiny anticipation bug because it was sci-fi and I had seen the trailer a few times which, in my opinion, managed to set up the premise for Edge of Tomorrow quite nicely. That being said, I never even considered that Tom Cruise would manage to wiggle himself back into my good graces and deliver a great performance in a movie that I’m probably going to consider as this year’s best sci-fi action movie.

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Your Sister’s Sister (2012)

your sister's sisterBetter late than never I would say when I review the couple of next movies on my blog because I saw them in November. That’s right, I’m basically a whole month behind with my reviews due to school deadlines but I should shut up now and continue with Your Sister’s Sister which I actually enjoyed very much. I had no idea what the movie was about though, had not seen the trailer nor really read the summary. To be honest, that is a great way to watch a movie because you would know nothing and it keeps the surprise. At least with Your Sister’s Sister, which kind of needed that bubble of not knowing anything about it due to its quite simple plot.

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Looper (2012)

Let me set the mood: it’s another Friday evening and instead of wasting it at home, brave little me went to the cinema all alone to see her boy kick some time travel ass. I was expecting sci-fi, romance and action (as it was promised to me by somebody I can’t remember) and after 10 minutes of commercials it began with a familiar voice reading the premises of the movie and I loved it already. To be fair, I’m a big sci-fi fan and I call Joseph Gordon-Levitt “my boy”, so it is difficult for me not to love Rian Johnson’s Looper to a point where I call it my favorite of the year.

This post does contain spoilers so proceed with caution.

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# 178 – Gnomeo & Juliet

This one I saw like a million years ago, at least it seems like it has been that long. The whole reason why I watched this was because I really like James McAvoy and he was the voice of Gnomeo while Emily Blunt was Juliet. Like the name of the movie implies, the story is about Romeo and Juliet as gnomes – I have to admit, it sounds clever. Gnomeo is the prince of the blues and Juliet is the princess of reds. This is just like in the original story, they fall in love, the families have a long history of feud going on they fight and stuff but the end is a bit different. The end is less tragic and more like happy and stuff – surprise surprise.

It is hard to say anything about this animation because it lacked those unforgettable characters and bunch lines, like for instance I still remember the Ice Age’s “Fish!” moment and Shrek’s “In the morning, I’m making waffles!” – those are some really good moments and to be fair, I don’t remember anything specific about Gnomeo and Juliet. This said, I would think that this animation is quite average and is not as entertaining for adults as for instance Ice Age and Shrek could be. So from me 2 out of 5 for this one and mostly because of James McAvoy’s and Jason Statham’s voices that were like honey to my ears.

# 160 – The Adjustment Bureau

Finally somebody was brave enough to go to the movies with me  and according to The Adjustment Bureau this was all part of a plan! The universe’s plan I mean because nothing in this life is a coincidence, although there are chances which apparently can make the plan go south a little bit but then come the adjusters who are angels or something and the chairman is God but that wasn’t actually said out loud but they made enough hints about it so people would thing that angels and God are behind everything that happens to us.

Anyway, once the plan takes a bad turn the adjusters come and make it all good because everything has to be by the plan or else there will be World Wars (which apparently weren’t controlled by the adjusters cause they thought we could handle ourselves) and nothing outside the plan can happen. Unless!! the plan changes, what happened to Matt Damon’s and Emily Blunt’s characters, they had different plans but then the plans changed but the traces of their previous plans messed up the current plan and all “hell” broke loose.

By this time you should be aware of the spoilers I am giving away right and left cause I have nothing to say about this movie. The whole plot was built upon this story that kept saying everything must go according to plan and then.. they erase their plans? I mean, what’s so special about them, yes they fell in love and their bond was strong but they’ll probably get a divorce anyway – why delete the plans all together? Who does that?

Anyway, The Adjustment Bureau as you can see has made me a bit nuts and this review sounds so different from my earlier works, must have been all the sugar I have eaten today which is none – but to be fair, the movie was a bit nuts also. I left out a couple of things, mostly the funny things like the way the “angels” walked around, which you can see for yourself, was pretty funny and weird. Either way, this movie probably gets a 3 out of 5 because it was that weird and now thinking back about it.. I could watch it again. Just so I could write down all the cool stuff the movie thought me – for instance, when I leave my phone and go back for it or drop my keys – ALL part of THE PLAN!