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Hidden Gems: Nicole Kidman

Actor/Actress Hidden Gems

Here we are, wrapping up another month and what a weird little month it has been. Not just because I have spent the entire month indoors basically but because I’ve seen the movies I’ve seen. More precisely I saw three Nicole Kidman movies and I had a weird ride with them all. One of these movies was so weird and so wild that I actually thought I had consumed some sort of drug. Anyway, that being said, I’m excited to…

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The Beguiled (2017)


This review sort of contains spoilers. For years, I have kept a certain distance from Sofia Coppola and her movies due to them being extremely boring for my taste. They take forever to build up, they have very many empty-scenes (a term that I will explain later), and the payoff is usually unsatisfying. The reason I don’t necessarily like Sofia Coppola’s movies is because I have a hard time actually watching them, which makes The Beguiled a special one. But,…

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# 247 – The Lost Room (TV-show special)


Even though my school work is making my head hurt and takes a lot of my free time, I still found the opportunity to watch a miniseries starring Peter Krause. The interesting thing about this show is that I hadn’t heard about it and probably wouldn’t have if a friend hadn’t recommended it to me. This is something that surprised me because I have been a fan of Krause ever since I saw him in Six Feet Under (and now…

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# 71 – Golden Lion for Somewhere


Sofia Coppola’s melancholy reflection on celebrity, “Somewhere,” is the winner of the 67th Venice Film Festival’ s Golden Lion, a major feat in what is considered an especially strong selection this year on the Lido. “This is a film that enchanted us from our first screening; yet, from that first enchanting screening it grew, and grew, and grew, in both our hearts and our analysis,” said jury prexy Quentin Tarantino. Read more: Visit to become a Variety subscriber.…

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