Hidden Gems: Nicole Kidman

Here we are, wrapping up another month and what a weird little month it has been. Not just because I have spent the entire month indoors basically but because I’ve seen the movies I’ve seen. More precisely I saw three Nicole Kidman movies and I had a weird ride with them all. One of these movies was so weird and so wild that I actually thought I had consumed some sort of drug. Anyway, that being said, I’m excited to bring you the fourth Hidden Gems of 2020. And a very strange movie.

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The Beguiled (2017)

This review sort of contains spoilers.

For years, I have kept a certain distance from Sofia Coppola and her movies due to them being extremely boring for my taste. They take forever to build up, they have very many empty-scenes (a term that I will explain later), and the payoff is usually unsatisfying. The reason I don’t necessarily like Sofia Coppola’s movies is because I have a hard time actually watching them, which makes The Beguiled a special one. But, I must confess that since initially rating it, I have lowered my score from 4 to 3, because the more I think about The Beguiled, the more I’m disappointed in its direction and lack of intrigue.

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# 247 – The Lost Room (TV-show special)

Even though my school work is making my head hurt and takes a lot of my free time, I still found the opportunity to watch a miniseries starring Peter Krause. The interesting thing about this show is that I hadn’t heard about it and probably wouldn’t have if a friend hadn’t recommended it to me. This is something that surprised me because I have been a fan of Krause ever since I saw him in Six Feet Under (and now on Parenthood). But that aside, I’m pretty happy that I had the chance to watch this show – not my favorite amongst all shows but definitely one that I enjoyed and didn’t feel bad about wasting my time on.

Created by a visual effects specialist Christopher Leone, The Lost Room brings us a sci-fi action story about a room that actually doesn’t exist but which can be entered with a key! The key also is called an object and there is no actual mentioning of how many of these types of objects, that can do things which aren’t explained by the laws of physics, there really are in the world. The whole concept of this miniseries is that Peter Krause’s character looses his daughter to the room and starts to look for her – so it is basically a saving mission during which he finds different objects and meets interesting people.

Many familiar faces from TV are present in this as well but the most pleasing performance next to Krause is Elle Fanning. To be honest, I think Fanning sisters are a strong duo and there is no doubt that these two will make it very far in this industry – both pretty, both brilliant from a young age and both immune to this Hollywood fame (so far at least). But names like Julianne Margulies (The Good Wife) and Peter Jacobson (House MD) are also present. I like Jacobson but Margulies is a complete mystery, she wasn’t appealing to me in this one but she’s probably really good in The Good Wife.

All in all, the show had some great moments – I liked some of the objects (the one Jacobson owned and one crazy guy who could never be caught – if you want to know more just watch the show!) and even the visual effects were tolerable but it was definitely not high-end-stuff. Maybe it was the appeal to it as well – not too much but just enough. The end wasn’t enough for me though, (spoiler) it wasn’t ideal for me that the room couldn’t be destroyed. It was like the show stayed unfinished some how and I really didn’t enjoy that part – everything before that was okay and parts of it good and it would’ve stayed that way if the room would have been destroyed – stupid key!

# 71 – Golden Lion for Somewhere

Sofia Coppola’s melancholy reflection on celebrity, “Somewhere,” is the winner of the 67th Venice Film Festival’ s Golden Lion, a major feat in what is considered an especially strong selection this year on the Lido.
“This is a film that enchanted us from our first screening; yet, from that first enchanting screening it grew, and grew, and grew, in both our hearts and our analysis,” said jury prexy Quentin Tarantino.
So this is basically the whole story – Sofia Coppola won another award for her movie. I remember watching Lost in Translation back in 2004 (it came out 2003) and I pretty much remember nothing about it. There where in Tokyo, that much I remember and in the end I was thinking – huh? But based on IMDb it is quite a good movie so I’m thinking of watching it again to be sure if I like the young Coppola’s style.
Anyway, her newest film Somewhere seems to be good – I saw the trailer a while ago and thought that Elle Fanning looked so good and she’s only 12! Those Fanning girls are taking Hollywood by there hands I’m telling you, they can act which for a young star is something. Stephen Dorff plays the lead in this and all though he has been in a lot of movies I really can’t place him – so I’m thinking Somewhere is going to be his debut for me, good luck!
Here is also the trailer for this and I have to say, I’m looking at it in a totally different angle now that I know this is the Golden Lion winner – it could be a good or a bad thing – I’ll know when I see it.