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Truth and Justice (2019)

Foreign Movie

It’s been almost a week since I saw one of the most anticipated Estonian films of the decade – Truth and Justice by Tanel Toom. A film that tells a harrowing story of life, family and honor. But while the film’s themes are imbedded in the past, its message reflects the present and asks questions about the future. It’s also a film that might seem strongly connected to Estonian history, and yet, it manages to convey a universal message. Here are…

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EV100: A 100 Scenes From a 100 Estonian Movies


Today is a day of celebration here in Estonia, and I wanted to celebrate as well. Last time I did a post similar to this to celebrate my 1000th post here on Mettel Ray, and it was fun. A little crazy but mostly fun! This time I’m sharing a 100 scenes from a 100 Estonian films, from 1924 to 2017. Many movies from the beginning of the list haven’t survived, but images have. For me, the selection ended up being…

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