Birdman (2014)


For my first review of 2015, I’ll try to write about Birdman. This isn’t going to be as complex and interesting as the movie itself because that would be impossible for me to achieve. Instead, I’m going to praise its aspects that stood out without any spoilers because I went in almost completely blind and it blew me away!

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Actors/Actresses I Would See In About Anything (10 Things)


Karamel Kinema was kind enough to forward me this cool blogathon that is all about those actors & actresses that one would watch in about anything. This idea originated with Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are, and this marks my first “passing the torch” blogathon I’ve ever been included in so I’m super excited. Though many of the current participants have kept the list strictly masculine, I’m gonna give it my best to include some lovely ladies in mine as well (as it was originally intended as well!).

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Fight Club (1999)

Fight ClubThis post is kind of a special one because it really doesn’t fit into my well organized system of reviews. It doesn’t really go under the Back On Track feature because I’ve seen Fight Club numerous times before but then it also doesn’t go together with the regular reviews that I usually tend to write about movies I’ve seen for the first time. So as I love symbolic meanings, I can say that to me, Fight Club is not just a special movie but even its review on my blog is one of a kind.

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Tartuff 2012: Moonrise Kingdom

People watching Moonrise Kingdom while it’s raining at Tartuff: Tartu Love Film Festival 2012

This is quite the special moment for me, I’m reviewing this movie before it officially hits the cinemas on the 10th of August here in Estonia because I managed to drag myself to the Love Film Festival in Tartu called Tartuff. 2012 marked its seventh year and since I’ve missed out on some of the earlier years and last year, I thought it would be great to enjoy it this year as I’m leaving in weeks time.

Tartuff is an open air film festival, people are sitting in the chairs and on the ground, even in the rain since the screening of Moonrise Kingdom got a little wet with 10 minutes of rain – still an experience I fully enjoyed. I mean, thousands of people come together to watch a movie and they even endure the rain.. well at least most of them. In addition to that, the whole outdoors thing just makes the movie somehow better – no idea how but I guess the atmosphere and the context give a certain memorable extra something to the movie. Although Moonrise Kingdom is not the kind of movie that needs something extra special because it is just that on its own.

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# 270 – The Bourne Legacy (Trailer special)

It has been a long time since I have done a trailer post so I decided to brake the rut with The Bourne Legacy which follows the three first ones this summer, August the 3rd. This is also based on a book but it has a different author, another difference is the main character who is apparently not Jason Bourne but Aaron Cross portrayed by Jeremy Renner. Also in this are Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton! I’m not gonna lie, Edward Norton is the number one reason why I want to see this.

Tony Gilroy is behind the camera this time and is also the writer like previously. Although I am probably gonna miss Matt Damon I hope the movie manages without him – based on the trailer it seems better than the forth Mission Impossible. At least the trailer looks more interesting, changing the main character promising and Edward Norton is awesome!


# 83 – Stone

It has been a while since I’ve shown any sign of life but I managed to get a mild head ache and a case of bad mood (which means I skipped my Italian class) so I needed to come here and write something. Last week I went to the movies again, not exactly knowing what I was getting myself into. Stone was a movie that I knew almost nothing about and I even had not seen the trailer! That my friends, is something that never happens (but every rule has an exception and Stone was/is mine).

The only thing I knew about this movie was the cast – Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Milla Jovovich. And this is the first thing I want to talk about because the cast was absolutely superb! I think the reason is connected with the fact that the movie was quite static and didn’t have much action – the good acting stood out. Norton’s performance was brilliant, I really haven’t noticed that before  – Fight Club was such a fast base movie – but he has really sad eyes (not that it has anything to do with this post). De Niro was De Niro – I don’t hate the guy but I’m not a fan either, I think I just appreciate his good work. Milla Jovovich for me is Resident Evil but Stone showed that she has more than that and honestly, how come she doesn’t have an accent? I was focused and listening very hard but couldn’t detect any kind of Russian in her speech, I guess she has learned the American accent and very well I might add. She was naked a couple of times because she is a model and has a great body but she also managed to but some very good acting on the table. I was rather surprised and it was a pleasant surprise, so all in all I was happy about the acting.

Like I already said, the movie was rather static and the main emphasis was on the dialog and it seemed people didn’t really understand it (the movie I mean, not the dialog). A woman who was leaving the cinema said that she didn’t understand anything about the movie and I started thinking. These kinds of movies that have a low amount of action and lots of talking require some braincells – luckily I have them (not like the woman who didn’t get anything!) The movie was mostly about faith (God) and the different kind of bad people. For me the idea was that people who aren’t in prison can be as bad as those who are – that the line between good and bad isn’t drawn between freedom and prison. The poster gives another way to get to the point of the movie “Some people tell lies. Others live them”. If you keep that in mind I think you’d be able to watch Stone with a fixed context that will make it more understanding.

Over all the movie is rather good for a thriller and has a quite deep point to it. I don’t think it is for the masses but for people who enjoy serious movies and have braincells to understand them too. Do not expect it to be fast, it has a slow climing storyline that you have to fallow itently – the dialog is the biggest character in this movie.