Love and Monsters (2020)

The more I think about this movie, the more I love it. Love and Monsters in hindsight is another movie set after an apocalypse but it has much more going for it. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to review it. Not sure why but I wasn’t like immediately jumping at the opportunity. So… I watched it again and now here we are. What shall we do now? Well, we shall gush and lust and then share the love for a man’s best friend – a dog!

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minari movie still trailer

Top 5 Recent Movie Trailers That Have Made Me Excited

Even though most of this year has been about not expecting anything. And the end of 2020 slowly taking away all hope, I’m trying to stay positive even though everything seems awful and getting progressively worse. Anyway, as I said, despite of all this I’m gonna try and look forward. Towards recent movie trailers I have stumbled upon. So this is a very random post about a few recent movie trailers I’ve seen that made me excited about the movies.

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Dream Vacation Blog Challenge

The lovely Katy over at Girl Meets Cinema is challenging us with something special, something that is pretty much a fundamental part of life – a dream vacation! The challenge is to pick one (or more) movie related locations and at least three travel companions from the film universe. Since my vacation starts on Monday !!  I actually had a lot of fun imagining my dream vacation and especially the characters I would bring with!

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The Maze Runner (2014)

The Maze Runner

This here is a spoiler alert.

The hardest thing is to dislike a movie you love… sounds confusing and trust me, I myself am confused as well. Everything in relation to The Maze Runner is pretty much unclear to me, except the fact that I love Dylan O’Brien as Thomas. So, while I have issues with the book and with the movie, I can’t find myself to not like the movie because of my own personal high expectations set on the dystopian genre… or can I?

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Actors/Actresses I Would See In About Anything (10 Things)


Karamel Kinema was kind enough to forward me this cool blogathon that is all about those actors & actresses that one would watch in about anything. This idea originated with Abbi at Where the Wild Things Are, and this marks my first “passing the torch” blogathon I’ve ever been included in so I’m super excited. Though many of the current participants have kept the list strictly masculine, I’m gonna give it my best to include some lovely ladies in mine as well (as it was originally intended as well!).

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Commercial Break #5


Since I’m having one of those inner-need-to-write-kind-of-motivation feelings at the moment, I decided to sit down and chat about stuff in general before I loose this sensation! Reason why I’m worried about this is mostly because I’ve been really trying to finish up my thesis and that is, putting it lightly, exhausting my brain. It’s nowhere done though, which is the most frustrating part but for now, I’ll try to keep this Commercial Break movie/TV-show related as per usual.

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The First Time (2012)

the first time

There comes a time in any bloggers life when she is driven by a force outside her actual preference of movies – meaning, I saw The First Time purely because I adore Dylan O’Brien. Then again, it was nice to just get out of that routine of seeing only huge Oscar movies and get back to my much lighter and romance filled teenage years. But even then, although I enjoyed some elements and was gushing over O’Brien (you have to be a girl and a fan of Teen Wolf to understand this obsession at this point), there were a lot of aspects that bothered me immensely.

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TOP 10 SPECIAL: Year 2012 highlights – part 3


By the third part I find it very difficult to come up with any additional things to say, so for those who happen to end up here with no back story to this what so ever, check out part 1 and part 2. And yes, this is the third consecutive day I’m posting a TOP 10 list – and no, this won’t be the last, two more are coming after the weekend, so the end is near, bare with me.

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Dylan takes over BOT

Months ago I did a post about Teen Wolf, Season 2 – I got almost no feedback and I was disappointed at myself because I felt like I let down the show by not describing it in the best way possible. I do have to admit, it wouldn’t be the best show to describe for instance in comparison to The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad but it does have its benefits. For me, it’s the comic relief, heart and easiness of it all – Stiles Stilinski portrayed by Dylan O’Brien is my #3 favorite leading man when it comes to TV-shows. Therefore, since I didn’t have enough time to prepare a BOT post (and now I’m really crunching the clock with my paper due this week) I thought I’d share a little bit of fresh meat in a form of Dylan, although being two years younger than me doesn’t make him that fresh but still. PS: I’m a bit obsessed.

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