My Brother Jordan (2020)

Rarely do I find something on Youtube that literally crawls into my soul and crushes me. My Brother Jordan is not necessarily a story I’d seek out myself. It’s filled with sadness and it’s about missing a part of you that can never be replaced. In a grander scheme of things, it’s a love letter to an amazing brother. And I mean.. just thinking about it is making me cry but I don’t regret clicking on a documentary video on Youtube and ending up here.

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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Docu series

We have had one hell of a month and I don’t mean in terms of Thursday Movie Picks. I mean in regards to what’s happening in the world… With most of my Thursday Movie Picks having been scheduled for this month, it’s only now that I sit down to write this one in complete amazement. Something is literally taking over the world and putting it in standstill. It sounds like a scifi movie and not the fun kind. So in order to get our minds off things, I recommend three documentary mini-series to make you feel even shittier. These are dramatic, sad, emotional and quite frankly, horrible stories. They are very interesting though, so at least there’s that.

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Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: The Great Outdoors

I think nothing embodies the great outdoors better than documentaries. So for this week, I want to highlight three documentaries that I think are pretty darn good. One of them you have heard a lot about, from me probably, because it is literally my favourite documentary ever. I have already recommended it once this year but hey, I’m breaking the rules here to make this great outdoors list, in my mind, perfect. All of these three documentaries are about climbing.

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Iris (2014)

iris 2014

It has come to my attention, that I have an unexplained connection to fashion documentaries. I have watched The September Issue (2009) four times, watched Bill Cunningham New York (2010) twice, and though likely a one time event, I have now watched a documentary about Iris Apfel, simply titled, Iris.

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