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Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 (2018)


There is a pressure on sequels that can never be present during the first instalment of a franchise. The pressure to be equal or better than the first movie. The pressure to live up to the expectations based on the success of the first movie. Deadpool 2 had to follow up Deadpool, be better and funnier, and that is a lot of pressure. Even for a comic book character, who is able to break the 4th wall and survive pretty…

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CB: Another Monday After Hell of a Week

Commercial Break

I’m alive. Yet it feels like after last week, and the silence on this blog, I might have been somewhat unconscious while working my butt off. With so much work cramped into just a single week, I feel like I didn’t accomplish nothing these past few weeks. But still, I did, which either means that I don’t give myself enough credit, or I can do things in my sleep.…

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