Daredevil: Season 2

the punisher joe bernthal


Since Daredevil decidedly is by far my favorite Netflix original series, I expected to be blown away by its second season. The truth is, I ended up being really disappointed in so many things while, at the same time, being completely in love with one character in particular. So at the end of season 2, I have mixed feelings about our Hell’s Kitchen superhero, his friends, his enemies and his actions.

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Commercial Break #38

tumblr_o4lpolGimV1qewrcwo1_500March has been a busy busy month, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve spent most of it working. But since my trip to Brussels, of all places, is slowly approaching, I literally need all the extra money I can have. Though I would like a little extra time so I could finally finish Daredevil’s second season because oh wow, it has been kind of awesome!

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My Top 5 Favorite Netflix Original Shows

In 2013, Netflix premiered its first original TV series House of Cards, which was just the beginning for this global movie and TV-show provider. In March this year, Netflix released Flaked, its 20th original series not including the animated and kids shows. Though I haven’t seen all of them, I have seen just enough to compile a this top 5 list of my favorite Netflix original shows.

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New on TV (Winter & Spring 2015)

winter and spring 2015
Had nothing special planned for the final post of the year and therefore this post comes to you in a sort of a regular post kind of way. Just a post, no new year resolutions, no end of the year conclusions, just a simple, 2500 word post! Yes, that’s right, this post is possibly the longest thing ever and you might need to prepare yourself a coffee because you’ll need the extra energy.

Anyway, since I dedicated a post to all the new TV-shows premiering in the fall, I figured it would be a great idea to do the same for the upcoming winter & spring season. Little did I know that there are so many new shows coming that my brain hurts just by thinking about it. Nevertheless, here’s the full list of upcoming goodness, badness and the uncertainties.

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