Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Verbal Altercations

This week is a bit special since this is the theme I have recommended myself. I had just seen Marriage Story, the one with that verbal altercation aka fight where Adam Driver acting skills are out of this world. And no, I will not pick Marriage Story even though it fits perfectly. But I’m going to go with something a little bit different, and throw in a bit of eye candy like I did that week.

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# 258 – Top 7 of 2011 (Extra special)

As it turned out, most of my rating system came crashing down when I discovered that I like to give the grade 4 a lot – too much to be honest. So I am already thinking something new and better for next year. But I did get the top 3 with no difficulties and the rest of the list came down to how memorable the movie was. So here it is, top 7 of 2011 – my favorite movies!

#7 Melancholia

Although I had mixed feelings about the ending of the movie, I still remember the amazing cinematography (by Manuel Alberto Claro) and the greatness of the first part of the movie.  Besides, even though I did not enjoy the ending, it is definitely memorable and an image that I can not delete from my mind.

#6 What’s Your Number?

This place shocks me as much as it might shock you. The movie is not that great, it is not the best of the best this year but it sure is best among Chris Evans’ performances – for me at least.  Although, the movie is memorable as well, I mean the basketball scene is not a typical romantic comedy highlight but I think that this is the reason why I keep having those .. never mind.

#5 50/50

This Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie was definitely one of my favorite experiences this year and a well deserved place belongs to this dramatic comedy. I think the movie just gets to you although it is so simple and down to Earth in a way. Gonna watch it again for sure.

#4 Never Let Me Go

This, in some what, alter-world plot is definitely memorable. But this novel-based installment was made perfect with a young cast including this year’s big hit Andrew Garfield. The movie was sad and to be honest, it is the saddest among this list – but sometimes it is good to cry on a Friday night when you don’t feel like going out.

#3 Horrible Bosses

Now comes the surprising part – I have two comedies in my top 3 and the first one is no other than star-filled Horrible Bosses. I have a feeling that it is one of my favorites this year due to the interesting cast choices but probably the most because Charlie Day is brilliant in every scene he is in!

# 2 Crazy Stupid Love

This is no surprise that Ryan Gosling together with Emma Stone and Steve Carell made me so happy when I watched this movie that I still smile secretly when I recall the best moments. Funny, gets to you emotionally and is just a great entertainment for friends and family. Going to my “watch the second time” list right now!

#1 The King’s Speech

Taking the highest price is the first Oscar moment for Colin Firth and the inspiring tale of the king who found a friend in the oddest place. I have no doubt in my mind that this will remain in my list of favorites, it will sure have some competition for the first place (I hope so) but nobody can’t push Firth out of my top 10. He is and will be my favorite of 2011 – just because!

So, this is it, this was 2011 and there is nothing else to say but:

Enjoy the last moments of this year as enthusiastically as you can and enjoy the next one even more that this one! See you next year!

# 208 – Crazy, Stupid, Love

Without further ado, I present you my favorite romantic comedy of the year! Brilliant cast, nice story-lines and a twist that I wasn’t expecting. Maybe I was slow that day but I’m rather happy I didn’t expect it because it gave the movie so much more in the end. If I had googled the movie before I went to see it I would’ve seen the twist before hand so I do not recommend doing that. Much more fun to find out during the movie.

It’s even hard to tell something about this movie’s story without spoiling something but the easiest way is to say it is a movie about two different love affairs: one between a wife and a husband, the other between a experienced man and his lovers. First couple is of course the lovely Steven Carell and Julianne Moore: they brake up in the beginning and Steven’s character seeks help from a ladies man played by Ryan Gosling. His conquests of course need to come to an end with the lovely Emma Stone who of course is always funny and charming.

These four bring the main stories but there is also the story of the married couples son who is in love with his babysitter who is in love with Steven’s character. Yes, there is this whole drama around Steven’s character that pretty much holds the movie up on its feet and makes it funny. I do think that it is as good as a romantic comedy can get, although a little weird at times, it seemed logical and realistic enough to make it so far my favorite comedy of this year. Although there is a movie that comes really close but lacks the sophistication of Crazy, Stupid, Love. It isn’t corny because the acting doesn’t let it go that far – Steven and Ryan are brilliant in what they do while Julianne and Emma are both great in matching them. Some of the scenes felt really real thanks to their chemistry and by that I mean especially Ryan and Emma – just lovely!

No surprise that the stories are good, the writer Dan Fogelman has written many great things over the years – Cars for example and Tangled (which I liked a lot). Both have high scores on IMDb and Crazy Stupid Love is no different – 7,9 on IMDb and 4,5 out of 5 from me makes this a great entertainment like on a Friday night at home with friends!  This has mixed reviews though, a little of both opinions about it but as far as I think it was much better than the average rom-com. (A bit Easy A type as I come to think of it but I just might be thinking too much about Emma Stone.)

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# 162 – Crazy Stupid Love

Another long wait for me with this new romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love which stars many of my favorites: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore and the always great Kevin Bacon. So the list of stars is rather awesome and what looks like to be a Hitch (2005 Will Smith movie) like movie with a man who knows everything about women (Gosling) helping a guy who has just gotten a divorce (Carell) to get back on the saddle while falling in love himself. I hope that it turns out great and this just means there are two romcom’s coming this summer that are worth the long wait. The script might be good as well since it’s written by the same guy who wrote Tangled (2010) and directors are the same who were behind I Love You, Phillip Morris. Crazy Stupid Love comes out on July 29th.