Commercial Break #8


Dedicated to the biggest fangirl I know – my best friend Rutt!

The last time I put down candid thoughts was when I celebrated Mettel Ray’s fourth birthday, now, a month later, I’m almost ready to celebrate the end of my Masters with the thesis defense taking place this Friday. A lot has happened in a month, so much that it’s hard to recall every moment of it, especially since the last scene of episode 8 on Game of Thrones is flashing before my eyes.

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Commercial Break #7

header 7

I interrupt this hibernation to do some posting because what kind of a blogger am I, if I don’t take the time off from necessary life-stuff to celebrate an important day!? Today, on May 1st 2010, I posted my first post on Mettel Ray and now, 4 years later, I’m sitting here as a proud mama, looking at my little blog and grinning like an idiot because crossing this milestone feels so damn good!

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Commercial Break #6


Some Game of Thrones spoilers ahead in case you live under a rock and haven’t seen it yet.

I know I’m late on the whole excitement-train-of-Game-of-Thrones-premier but I had a really long Monday, followed by an eventful Tuesday and I just didn’t have time to write down my thoughts. Besides, I knew I was going to take forever to get it all down which meant taking the entire morning to write this post. It will be filled with all of my Game of Thrones thoughts. In other words, get ready for a very specific Commercial Break guys, it’s going to be a doozy.

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Commercial Break #5


Since I’m having one of those inner-need-to-write-kind-of-motivation feelings at the moment, I decided to sit down and chat about stuff in general before I loose this sensation! Reason why I’m worried about this is mostly because I’ve been really trying to finish up my thesis and that is, putting it lightly, exhausting my brain. It’s nowhere done though, which is the most frustrating part but for now, I’ll try to keep this Commercial Break movie/TV-show related as per usual.

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Commercial Break #3


Quite a lot has happened since I posted my last Commercial Break and most of it isn’t really worth the mention. Then there are the things that deserve to be written about after a 10 hours shift at work in the middle of the night because one just can’t hold it in any longer. That one being me of course. But before I get to that ridiculously overwhelming fangirl mode, I just wanted to thank all my new followers who have decided to press that follow botton over these past few months. Yes, I mean you, thank you and welcome!

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Commercial Break #1


There’s no need to cheer or worry, also no purpose of reminding me my resolutions for 2014 (one of which was about not changing stuff on this blog) – this is not a brand new post series! It’s just a feature with a brand new fur coat – in other words, Linked is back but it’s decorating itself with strange things and has a different name.

Before I continue, why Commercial Break? Well, though there aren’t commercial breaks in the theater, these past few weeks I have been watching movies on TV and my god, there is a break after every 20 minutes or so – not to mention, the commercials are awful and as ridiculous as the idea of Paris Hilton being an actress. So I figured, commercial break is a great time to reflect on things and stuff and that is why I went with the name. There’s still going to be links, I mean, advertising is the main purpose of a commercial break so I’m definitely going to advertize some of the bloggers and their posts!

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