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Farewell Popcorn, Hello Coffee !

Extra Mettel Ray

Fall has always signified new beginnings for me. It’s not the New Year’s Eve that brings change, it’s the change in the air, the vast alteration in nature and for most importantly, for years, it symbolized the beginning of a new school year. This year, fall means changes that have happened on Mettel Ray, changes, that will hopefully stir my creativity and motivation a little. Changes, that were inevitable as I have changed and this blog, has always been a…

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Best Picks for the Holiday


This is not really meant as a blogathon but feel free to share your best picks too! The time of snuggling, blankets and hot beverages is upon us and there’s that thing called Christmas around the corner as well. For the lazy days, or in my case, a full-on lazy week, I have put together my best picks for some downtime choices for this holiday season.…

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