A View on Being a Fan

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Just a couple of seconds ago I paused a movie I was really enjoying just so I could do this, write about how being a fan has turned into a connection that has become, for the lack of a better word, mental. Nowadays there are so many ways and means to connect with people and […]

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Hotline Moves

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On October 26th, Drake released a music video for┬áHotline Bling and┬áthe Internet almost broke. It didn’t break entirely, because Kim Kardashian already broke it a while ago and well, I don’t think we ever fully fixed it. Or did we? Anyway, people were endlessly commenting on Drake’s video, people were making memes left and right, […]


Force of Nature

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There was this one week where I failed as a blogger. After months of keeping up with the two posts a week schedule, I completely neglected my blog and didn’t write a single post. I did try, oh how I tried to push out coherent thoughts that sounded at least somewhat normal but with no […]

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Happy Go Annoyed

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Today I woke up and everything seemed to go wrong. This has not happened in a while but the feeling is familiar to me and all I wanted to do was to whine and complain. Trust me, this is the kind of emotional state of mind where you don’t want to be in, you don’t […]


Genre Specifics

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After watching Mad Max: Fury Road, the most awesome movie of 2015!, I started to wonder about the genre specifics and how sometimes it’s necessary to understand what to expect. That in return got me thinking about the bigger theme of movies combining genres and wondering what in those cases deserves more attention, and whether […]


Five Little Things

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Writing a blog is fun, it’s hard work but at the end of the day, it’s fun! As you all know, I’ve been running Mettel Ray for five years now and during those five long years, I’ve learned some things. Big things, important things and sometimes, little things that I can’t help to shake off […]


Dominant Attraction

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A while back I read Film Flare’s very thorough post about erotica which is a topic that surfaced due to the highly talked about movie Fifty Shades of Grey. May you be talking down on it, or putting it on a pedestal, I don’t care but I do wonder about the underlining topic of dominance.


Watchlist Deathtrap

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We all have it and we all add to it when we see something that grabs our attention for one reason or more. We all mention it when a very popular cult movie comes up we haven’t seen and we all wish we could somehow narrow down this list by having more time. That’s right, […]