Wonder Woman (2017)

This review contains spoilers.

A hero among heroes is told to be have formed of clay and brought to life by Zeus himself. This hero is curious, kind and wants to see only the good in the world. This hero also has to earn the right to wield a weapon, to learn how to fight, to become stronger and this against the wishes of someone who wants to keep the hero safe. Most importantly, this hero has also been blind to the horrors of the outside world, protected by the utopia created for these warrior heroes. So when the world comes crashing through into the hero’s perfect life, the need to protect, to help and to care for those who cannot do it themselves, guides our hero to mend the world. But what makes this hero more special than all the others who have saved lives and protected the weak, is not just the kindness and the heart, but the utmost belief that life is full of wonder! This hero’s named Diana.

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

jack ryan

As far as I can remember, the 2014 movie featuring the intelligent Jack Ryan (Chris Pine), is my first encounter with this rather famous CIA operative who has been in many movies before Shadow Recruit. Taking this into account, my review of the newest addition to the list of films featuring this character, created by Tom Clancy, is going to be based solely on the movie itself: and it ain’t as bright as Chris Pine’s blue eyes.

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Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek Into DarknessThere are some spoilers in this ramble-review, therefore, don’t spoil the movie for yourself.

I loved the first Star Trek (2009) and that love has grown even stronger after those close to 20 times I’ve watched J. J. Abrams bring that final frontier onto my screen. So one could only imagine my excitement when I was sitting in the cinema and waiting for Star Trek Into Darkness to blow my mind! But nobody, including me, could have predicted the fact that my mind was so intact that I wanted to blow it off myself.

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# 275 – This Means War

To keep things on a lighter note, I will do a review on this romantic-comedy I saw when I was in Tallinn again. I wasn’t thrilled about it because I had heard bad things about it and usually those bad things happen to be perfectly correct. And that in mind I sat in the cinema and watched This Means War.

To be honest, I liked it, I liked it a lot! I don’t know if I am foolish to do so or I am just a lousy wannabe movie critic or I had one of those “I love going to the movies” feelings that took over my body – who knows. But I felt like I had to be honest, so there you go, I liked it a lot. The reasons actually go beyond the movie itself. The story was cheesy and unbelievable to the furthest degree but isn’t it with all romantic comedies?

Reese Witherspoon was the leading lady who until dating two guys at once was unlucky with love. But when she starts dating Tom Hardy after meeting him in the dating network-site where her page was set up by her friend (who I don’t even want to talk about) she also meets Chris Pine. There you go, two reasons why to see this movie, the chemistry between Pine and Hardy was just a sight for the eyes itself. I also think that Hardy’s lips on a big screen had a mysterious effect on me.

Of course this movie has a 6,4 score on IMDb and of course the movie gets bad reviews because the whole idea behind it is ridiculous beyond measure but I am not looking at that. I know romantic comedies could be much more logical, they should but it’s not how they are. The rom-com’s have become unreal stories with unreal hot people being single in the beginning of the movie – this is how they are and this is what I am not even looking at. I guess I am saying that I liked it because I was entertained, the fun side of me enjoyed it and the serious and critical side of me was resting at that time because if not, I would have felt bad of spending my time and money on that. Besides, what woman wouldn’t like a bromance between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy – I know I would and I did.