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Hidden Gems: Nicole Kidman

Actor/Actress Hidden Gems

Here we are, wrapping up another month and what a weird little month it has been. Not just because I have spent the entire month indoors basically but because I’ve seen the movies I’ve seen. More precisely I saw three Nicole Kidman movies and I had a weird ride with them all. One of these movies was so weird and so wild that I actually thought I had consumed some sort of drug. Anyway, that being said, I’m excited to…

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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Greed

Thursday Movie Picks

Another month, another deadly sin to be devoured. This month we have something very close to last month’s gluttony – it’s greed. I used money as theme last month for “overeating” because I had a different plan here. It’s still going to be about money and it’s going to be about greed but with a twist. As always, I have a theme within a theme for this one here and honestly, I’m quite proud of this one. PS: hope everyone…

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