10 Bad Romantic Movies That Are Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey

Since today is Valentine’s Day, and most of you would likely want to spend it with a loved one Netflix and Chilling, I wanted to help out. You see, I bet there are couples out there, who for some reason think that Fifty Shades Grey could be a good choice for the evening but trust me, it is far from good. But if you truly want to watch something, and you  want to watch something bad, here are 10 bad romantic movies that are a so much better than any of the Fifty Shades movies!

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# 285 – Chasing Liberty (2004)

For this review I am just going back in time, so it is kind of like a teen-blast-from-the-past. I saw this years ago, considering it is from 2004, it might have been 7 years ago which is quite a long time. That being said, I watched it again just to fill my mind with a mindless romantic comedy and switch myself off for a while.

Although I am not a big fan of romantic comedies, this movie serves more a role of a great memory. I love those teenage movies that I watched when I was 15 or 16. Everything seemed so good and sweet and now when I watch them, they don’t feel like those lame and silly romcom’s (although they definitely are) but rather a cute movies. Addition to this, I would say that I wouldn’t recommend it to my young self now but considering the context, I recommend it to those fun girl’s sleepovers with junk food and gossip.

Story is simple, the president’s daughter longs to have a social life – especially a boyfriend or just a man in her life (not only the bodyguards). And when the president and his family go to Europe for a political visit: all the president’s plans hit the fan and the “action” begins. Reason is simple, the daughter, Anna (Moore) escapes the bodyguards and meets Ben (Goode). I think it says it all and no need to go further into the movie. All in all, it was just a great entertainment for me and my friend to watch together (while being in different cities and syncing our movies – cause we are weird like that) in the evening instead of studying. We had a great time, laughed at the ridiculous things and just spent some quality time – while being separate. That’s what I call a friendship!

# 3 – Leap Year

I remember when I watched Matthew Goode back when I had a Mandy Moore addiction (due to the tear-fest movie A Walk to Remember) in Chasing Liberty – “oh what a fine man” I thought. Well, years have past and Matthew’s still a fine man but Leap Year doesn’t even come close to Chasing Liberty. Sure, it had the same type road-trip, fake marriage act   and a happy ending, but during the entire movie I was more focused on Amy Adams’ hair-catastrophe  (the wind sure didn’t like her!) than the story-line. In Chasing Liberty at least there was some extra story-lines and the whole trip was just way more fun than in Leap Year. The reason I compare these two movies is because they seem so a like – as I said, they even have Matthew Goode in common.

But what else I have to say about the romantic comedy that lacked logic and made Matthew look like a money-hungry man (he chased Amy’s character around because he wanted to charge money for taking her to Dublin – nice huh?) and don’t get me started with the main purpose of the road-trip (the girl wanted to propose to her boyfriend – pretty.. romantic isn’t it?) So I’ll just go ahead and fallow  Matthew Goode who said that he didn’t like the movie (somewhere) and say the same. I’d give it 1,5 out 5  just because Amy Adams fell off the hill at one point and I enjoyed that.

NB: I must clear out that I don’t hate Amy, I actually liked her in Julie & Julia but I try to focus on a movie on hand (this doesn’t really apply when it comes to my all time favorite actors/actresses but that’s another story) and in this she lacked the appeal that I look for in romantic comedies.