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Charlie St. Cloud

# 97 – Charlie St. Cloud


Since I was already crossing movies off my list (of movies I want to watch) I decided that what harm can one more do: Charlie St. Cloud was my next victim. (Again I ignore the fact that it is based on a book but not because I want to but because I need to do it – I haven’t read the book.) I was slightly worried about Zac Efron because the only role he had done except the singing basketball…

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# 16 – Trailers, trailers, trailers


I try to keep myself updated with the newest trailers a lot so I thought I should talk about the latest that appeared in Apple Trailers – Charlie St. Cloud, Johan Hex, Grown Ups, Secretariat and Super 8. First is a movie where Zac Efron makes his first serious role as Charlie St. Cloud in surprise-surprise Charlie St. Cloud, a boy who loses his brother and has to cope with his loss. I want to see this movie, not only…

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