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A 1000 Scenes from a 1000 Movies


Time is a weird concept.. it feels like sometimes it doesn’t really move at all, and then, you are already typing your 1000th post on your blog and you don’t know how you got here so fast. It feels like time is playing a practical joke on us, making time pass in strange intervals, work days feel freakishly long, and yet your day off goes by in a blink of an eye. Same applies to this post. I saw it…

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400th blog post celebration

Extra Mettel Ray

400 might not be an important number to some but for me it actually is somewhat special. I have been waiting for it for quite some time now actually, the big round number of 400. Seeing the number getting closer and closer just made me realize that I’m almost at 500, then, soon I will be a 1000 and then.. I don’t know. Okay, I might me exaggerating because getting to 400 has taken me almost three years. On this…

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Mettel Ray

I’m taking some time off from the actual posting to bring you guys some good news: today I woke up and my blog had crossed the 100,000 mark. It has been two years since I started my blog and it has taken so long to achieve this number which sadly consists of many image views. Because of that I feel like I am cheating a bit, with this 100,000 number but still, to get that amount of traffic, no matter…

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