Shame (2011)

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With all my heart and all my brain matter, I will confess loving Michael Fassbender until my eyes and ears can no longer enjoy his presence. Sounds a bit too dramatic? Alright, I will rephrase my thought: I think I love Michael Fassbender! Now as we have that personal and presumably very awkward moment out […]


# 141 – Never Let Me Go

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There are some movies that I wait for and usually I’m not left disappointed after watching the movie – with some exceptions of course – Never Let Me Go was almost totally worth the wait. I’m not gonna say it was 100% perfect but it is definitely somewhere high up the list. Never Let Me […]


# 126 – An Education

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I was going through my last blog posts and I was surprised that I haven’t done any movie reviews lately. And then I started to think about movies I have watched lately and came to a conclusion that I have only watched two: Inception for the second time and An Education. Since I did a […]