Shame (2011)

With all my heart and all my brain matter, I will confess loving Michael Fassbender until my eyes and ears can no longer enjoy his presence. Sounds a bit too dramatic? Alright, I will rephrase my thought: I think I love Michael Fassbender!

Now as we have that personal and presumably very awkward moment out of the way, there is an important task at hand and that is one of putting down thoughts about the movie Shame.

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# 239 – Shame (Trailer special)

To follow the oh so late The Rum Diary trailer I decided to post a much newer one. Shame is the second movie of the British movie-maker Steve McQueen following his first movie called Hunger – I sense a theme already. He is the director and the writer for both of these movies and that’s not the only thing in common between the two: Michael Fassbender portrays the main character in Hunger and in Shame as well.

Michael Fassbender is on a high right now, his movies turn out from right to left and for me it’s easy to like his characters and also Fassbender himself. Therefore I think I’ll watch McQueens previous work and then Shame which tells a story about a brother and a sister (played by Carey Mulligan) who are beginning to live together and that stirs up some problems. Shame premiers on Decemeber 2nd.


PS: The poster for Shame is absolutely fabulous and since I already started to post movie posters in a larger scale I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t post Shame’s poster like this. Besides the poster also some storyline to the movie, shame between the sheets – I wonder who is this man who feels ashamed,,,

# 141 – Never Let Me Go

There are some movies that I wait for and usually I’m not left disappointed after watching the movie – with some exceptions of course – Never Let Me Go was almost totally worth the wait. I’m not gonna say it was 100% perfect but it is definitely somewhere high up the list.

Never Let Me Go is a movie based on a book that is definitely going on my list (apparently I have a lot of lists) and I read from somewhere that the movie itself is different from it – something about the ending that isn’t quite like it is in the movie. But the plot is the same, it tells a story about people who are brought up as donors. A donor’s mission in life is to lead a healthy life until they are ready to donate and they do so until they basically can’t do any more donations. So from the start, we are faced with the fact that they are going to die at a young age. The movie is set in three stages, from 1978 to 1994, and fallows only three main characters and yes there is a love triangle hidden somewhere – Kathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley) while Kathy remains the narrator of the whole movie. My first thought, when I saw the trailer, was that I like the cast. I’ve been a fan of Keira for a while now, I enjoy her in movies like Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, The Duchess – she has that timeless quality to herself, she suits those movies and she suited this one. Andrew Garfield is a fresh name for me, I know him from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (which was of course the last Heath Ledger movie) a little bit and from the best movie of last year (according to the Golden Globes) The Social Network. Andrew is definitely going up and he is making the newest Spider-Man movie with Emma Stone (I’m quite excited, I am a fan of comic-book hero movies and it is a pleasure to wait for the next Spider-Man). Carey Mulligan is a treat for the eyes, An Education was good and Never Let Me Go is no exception. I think it has to do with the fact that the English have the power to adapt to roles on a more deeper level. Of course there are those in America that do the same, but the young stars in UK seem to be better at it than the fresh faces in the States. This being totally my own assumption based on my knowledge about UK and US actors. Anyway, the three worked separately and together: nicely done.

The story itself was a bit slow and by that I mean that the end kept coming and coming and didn’t. I think it was my own doing because I knew what was going to happen, everybody will know it at some point maybe even from the start but the closer the end came the slower it started to move. But I guess you can’t rush movies like this: dark, gray, sad, lonely, hopeless.. A gray movie all in all, from the sky to the plot (I mean it was sad not bad) – even the clothes looked tired of being warned. That being said, I might even revisit the movie some other time because it had some great quotes hidden in it and I don’t mind to watch Andrew Garfield scream like bloody murder one more time – 4 out of 5.

# 126 – An Education

I was going through my last blog posts and I was surprised that I haven’t done any movie reviews lately. And then I started to think about movies I have watched lately and came to a conclusion that I have only watched two: Inception for the second time and An Education. Since I did a very decent Inception post a while back I am going to write about An Education.

An Education is  British movie from 2009 that tells a story about a young teen who is trying to figure out who she is. The movie is set in 1961, so at first I think it’s hard to place this movie – but now after I have thought about it really seems perfect for that kind of time. The teen, Jenny played by Carey Mulligan (she got an Oscar nomination for her role) falls in love with an older man, played by Peter Sarsgaard.

The movie isn’t fast and it is easy to fallow, it is more interesting to watch the style of the movie rather than the story but maybe it is just me. And I’m not saying that watching the things going around the story aren’t worth watching. Besides the acting comes so naturally that I didn’t even notice it some how, maybe I was just tired (I have been feeling so exhausted lately that I wonder how I have managed to write something to this blog at all) and wasn’t looking carefully enough.

Anyway, it is a very good serious movie, a well-made British drama and I am really looking forward of seeing Carey Mulligan in Never Let Me Go which is a movie that I am waiting for many reasons, good reasons. And I think that it is going to remind me of An Education because they both are set in a different time and I like the simplicity of that time. Maybe that is why I haven’t got much to say about An Education, it was that simple and good that I didn’t even want to look for bad things, so 4 stars out of 5 for this one.

PS: I just realized where I have seen Peter Sarsgaard before, it was in Shattered Glass, I have that DVD on my shelf and I liked him there. How have I forgotten this. Plus, he played in Jarhead and he is married to Maggie Gyllenhaal – how have I forgotten these things – this just means I am really, really tired at the moment. No excuse though, I should’ve remembered him even if his role in An Education was a bit creepy (older guys hitting on teens is always so Lolita).