Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Books I Want to be Adapted into a TV Series

A time ago reading was everything I thought about so I read quite a lot of books. Haven’t been reading a lot lately so this theme makes me a little sad. Maybe I’ll pick up a book after this, who knows?! Anyway here are three books that I’ve read in recent years that I think would make great TV series. If done right of course! So three books I want to be adapted into a TV series.

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April Reading Wrap Up

april reading wrap upApril was a great month for many reasons and reading 10 books this month was definitely one of the high lights. But before you think I’m insane, and read instead of sleeping, no worries, some of these books are quick reads, and one in particular is a little one. And besides, now I’m finally so on top of my reading challenge (currently 50% completed) that I’m willing to pick up a massive book from my TBR pile in May!

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