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Thursday Movie Picks: Meet Cute

Thursday Movie Picks

I love a good old meet cute! It just sparks joy, especially when you see a movie for the second time and know how much to appreciate the meet cute. So keeping this in mind, I’m bringing you three movies  I’ve seen many times with not just one meet cute but TWO! Because the more the merrier, and the more, the cuter!…

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# 203 – Bad Teacher


I’m gonna make this a short one: Cameron Diaz, Justin TImberlake and Jason Segel. I have nothing against all of these actors and Jason is good in my books whatever role he takes on. Despite the great names Bad Teacher (2011) as a movie wasn’t something I’d watch with my mom. (Those who don’t know, I watch only great and serious movies together with her.) The Bad Teacher is about a very bad teacher (Diaz) who wants a raise in…

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