Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Speech / Soliloquy / Monologue

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There are so many movies where a big moment, a monumental scene is all about delivering that speech. May it be motivational, may it be devastating, may it be empowering or simply put, emotional as fuck. So yes, there are many variations to the big monologues, that in retrospect are tiny moments that make a huge difference. Here […]


Call Me By Your Name (2017)

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Love is ugly. Yes it is beautiful and heart warming, but sometimes it’s just brutal, painful, and not very pretty. Love is messy. Not just cluttered with emotions, but also with feelings, lust, hopes, temptation and everything else piled upon itself. Love is raw. It is unfiltered, exposed, unapologetic and vulnerable. Call Me By Your […]


CB Special: OscarNoms Reaction

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During the announcement for the 90th Academy Award nominees, I was luckily preoccupied with a few work things, and wasn’t paying attention. Good thing too, because the wait, the anticipation and the nerves would have been torture. And the pressure to seek out one particular nomination was also lifted, because right when I logged onto […]