Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Television/Romance Tropes Edition: Love Triangles

As February comes to and end we have a double theme on our hands. Not just a romance tropes edition but also the television edition. This is a fabulous theme because while I dislike love triangles in general… I sort of love them in shows. There’s just this element of prolonged angst when it comes to shows that can go on for many seasons that elevate the triangle to extremes. I love that. So here I’m bringing you three love triangles in televisions shows that actually worked really well. Or at least they worked for me.

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Top 10 Favourite TV Couples Who Deserved Better

I’m addicted to TV-shows. That’s such an obvious statement but it’s the truth. I also love to ship characters and sometimes my favourite couples just don’t work out. So today for 10 For 10 I want to share 10 TV couples who I think deserved better. In other words, I think these shows messed up and I don’t like it. Mostly because these couples weren’t the end game and I wanted very much them to be.

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Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Music/Musicals

There are actually quite a few shows that came to mind this week in relation to music. But the frustrating part is the fact that I mentioned most of them in this TMP Television Edition post. So instead, I had to narrow it down.. way way down… to a single musical episode or a moment! Because there’s nothing better than a surprise musical episode/moment in a non-musical show. And I bet half of you already know at least one of these I’m about to recommend!

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Commercial Break: Slay Me

It’s time to sit back, grab some coffee (or tea), and dive into a massive post called Commercial Break. This time I look back to 1,5 months of movies, shows, books and music. Which, honestly, is a lot of things to discuss in one post. But if I can write it, you can read it! By the way, I’m skipping the life stuff because it’s been a little rocky lately. So let’s stick with the professional blog related stuff.

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# 107 – Buffy is coming back ?

This is more of a news post rather than a review but since I am a critic I think it is my sole purpose in life to be critical from the start – so basically I’m gonna say bad things about the idea of making a Buffy movie.

Last year I spent most of my time watching Buffy as a childhood reminder, I found out that it was a lot funnier than I remembered and I enjoyed it. And I thought that it was enough, I felt it was the end and there wasn’t no more story to tell but apparently Warner Brothers think the opposite. They think that all the remakes and TV-shows made into a movie franchises which have emerged lately are successfully entered the minds of fans all over the world. Basically, they are delusional about the movie world and the fact that the fans usually don’t like when somebody takes their favorite thing and makes a new version out of it!

Joss Whedon himself commented on the matter (E! News) saying that he doesn’t like the idea (at all) and I agree with him. Making a movie out of a popular TV-show just because it is the era of vampires doesn’t make any sense, except that I’m pretty sure WB is thinking about money – the creative factor will be probably lost. I mean, honestly, what is the main point of the story? And who is going to play Buffy, if they bring the main cast back as a whole, they could manage but I’m not so sure they’re all on board (although Sarah-Michelle Gellar has been under the radar for a while…) – I hope they say no, I hope WB fails, for all our sakes. Plus, Whedon makes an interesting point, where are the creative minds that don’t need to dig up old classics for remakes?