Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Actors or Actresses Playing Themselves

I almost forgot todays post so this one is going to be a quick one. Luckily I thought about this theme last weekend and figured out two of my picks real quick. The third one was rather easy too because for one very memorable performance. But I especially love the actresses playing themselves part I picked here. Anyway I’m sure there are more roles where actors and actresses play themselves but these were the ones that popped into my mind first.

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Split (2016)

splitreviewI recommend turning around in case you have not seen Split, because I’m going to spit out spoilers around every corner. It’s going to happen. I can not not do it without spoilers. So go ahead, leave now before I ruin the fundamental key element of cinematic brilliance that Split just created to every movie lover out there!

Seriously, I truly hope you have seen Split in case you’re going to continue because this is going to start off with a spoiler ….

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Favorite Friends moments

top10FriendsA while back The Film Sloth put together her Top 10 episodes of Friends and I was utterly shocked but not in a bad way. For me, putting Friends episodes into an order is almost impossible and I can’t even seem to get the list down to 15 or something. Therefore, I went around the problem and decided to do a Top 10 of my favorite Friends moments because that required  less of my brain cells. In the end though, it was still difficult and I had to summarize, like, a lot but those who’ve seen Friends, will understand this dilemma. But after some obstacles, I finally got my 10!

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Twelve Monkeys (1995)

Since I decided to start with BOT I have been a bit hesitant to add certain movies to the list, although Twelve Monkeys was made over 15 years ago and it is gotten itself a very permanent spot on the IMDb Top 250 Movies list, I still feel it doesn’t come off as something I had in mind when I created the BOT series. Not to mention the fact that I started watching Twelve Monkeys with the idea of re-visiting it but as it turns out, I had not seen it despite the fact that I was so aware of its story line for some reason. I blame it on my memory for unnecessary details and watching too many movies when I was little because it seems like the right thing to do – luckily, I still had the idea to finally see the movie and now, I’ll have a chance to review it.

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Looper (2012)

Let me set the mood: it’s another Friday evening and instead of wasting it at home, brave little me went to the cinema all alone to see her boy kick some time travel ass. I was expecting sci-fi, romance and action (as it was promised to me by somebody I can’t remember) and after 10 minutes of commercials it began with a familiar voice reading the premises of the movie and I loved it already. To be fair, I’m a big sci-fi fan and I call Joseph Gordon-Levitt “my boy”, so it is difficult for me not to love Rian Johnson’s Looper to a point where I call it my favorite of the year.

This post does contain spoilers so proceed with caution.

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Tartuff 2012: Moonrise Kingdom

People watching Moonrise Kingdom while it’s raining at Tartuff: Tartu Love Film Festival 2012

This is quite the special moment for me, I’m reviewing this movie before it officially hits the cinemas on the 10th of August here in Estonia because I managed to drag myself to the Love Film Festival in Tartu called Tartuff. 2012 marked its seventh year and since I’ve missed out on some of the earlier years and last year, I thought it would be great to enjoy it this year as I’m leaving in weeks time.

Tartuff is an open air film festival, people are sitting in the chairs and on the ground, even in the rain since the screening of Moonrise Kingdom got a little wet with 10 minutes of rain – still an experience I fully enjoyed. I mean, thousands of people come together to watch a movie and they even endure the rain.. well at least most of them. In addition to that, the whole outdoors thing just makes the movie somehow better – no idea how but I guess the atmosphere and the context give a certain memorable extra something to the movie. Although Moonrise Kingdom is not the kind of movie that needs something extra special because it is just that on its own.

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# 94 – R.E.D

Was that a surprise! I had seen the trailer, I kind of knew something about it, I knew Bruce Willis was in it, Hellen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker had a part also. This was probably it, maybe a little excitement too cause I think Bruce is kind of a cool guy. But that was it.. and then what happened?

Today I saw this movie and I liked it! Honestly, the best action/comedy movie this year! The cast was awesome but what was the thing that sold me this movie was probably the writing. No lame jokes and it was rather logical. Like for instance, when the swat team came they didn’t bang down the door (the thing my roomie hates the most) but they just opened it! Just like that! And while Helen Mirren started to shoot the big *ss gun she changed her high heels to combat boots – a small detail but still something a lot of the movies over look. Just like the escape of Mary-Louis Parker from the hotel, I’ve seen so many hostage situations similar to that and they didn’t escape – she did because it was logical.  In addition to that the writing was good, the humor was realistic and intelligent – compared to The Expendables and The Losers, Red is probably million times better! Not because it has better actors but it also has a logical story line and decent comedy.

PS: Bruce Willis running around is much more hotter that Sylvester Stallone having a heart attack while chasing a plane!