Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Actors or Actresses Playing Themselves

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I almost forgot todays post so this one is going to be a quick one. Luckily I thought about this theme last weekend and figured out two of my picks real quick. The third one was rather easy too because for one very memorable performance. But I especially love the actresses playing themselves part I […]


Split (2016)

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I recommend turning around in case you have not seen Split, because I’m going to spit out spoilers around every corner. It’s going to happen. I can not not do it without spoilers. So go ahead, leave now before I ruin the fundamental key element of cinematic brilliance that Split just created to every movie lover […]


Twelve Monkeys (1995)

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Since I decided to start with BOT I have been a bit hesitant to add certain movies to the list, although Twelve Monkeys was made over 15 years ago and it is gotten itself a very permanent spot on the IMDb Top 250 Movies list, I still feel it doesn’t come off as something I […]


Looper (2012)

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Let me set the mood: it’s another Friday evening and instead of wasting it at home, brave little me went to the cinema all alone to see her boy kick some time travel ass. I was expecting sci-fi, romance and action (as it was promised to me by somebody I can’t remember) and after 10 […]


# 94 – R.E.D

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Was that a surprise! I had seen the trailer, I kind of knew something about it, I knew Bruce Willis was in it, Hellen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker had a part also. This was probably it, maybe a little excitement too cause I think Bruce is kind of a cool guy. […]