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CB: Summer Haze & Being An Underachiever

Commercial Break

It’s been another two weeks of summer since I last wrapped up my week. And I honestly can’t remember what I have been doing. There has been a lot of work and reading happening. I’ve also binged a show. But mostly, it’s just me suffering the heatwave that is happening here in Estonia. While counting the days until my vacation starts – this Friday!…

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WW: Mid-week Roundup


I never thought this would happen but I’m in a serious need to update on news in the middle of the week because there’s just too much! First off, the Lammy’s are almost over, secondly, a lot of shows have wrapped up and last but not least, many new fall schedule shows are already making me anxious. So buckle up, it’s going to be a post with a lot of feel(ing)s!…

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