Brave (2012)

Though I clearly need no breaks from studying, I just started and have only finished the introduction of my critical paper, I still needed to blog today to feed my extensive hunger for writing. So what better way to feed that appetite than to treat myself with something amazing to review. So here it goes, the review of Brave, the animation I was looking forward of seeing for months and finally saw in the beginning of November. One thing is for sure, the wait was worth it and Brave is definitely one of my favorite animations of these past few years, if not to say, of all time.

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Animated Summer

There are a couple of animated movies coming out this Summer that I am really excited about. I love animated movies because I think they have matured to a level of intelligence and humor even the adults can enjoy. Besides, the quality of animation is literally mind blowing and I think that the time and effort that goes behind some of the elements deserve a round of applause.

In this post I am putting up four trailers and I can definitely say that I am excited about at least two. Madagascar is probably my favorite in this line just because I just recently saw the first two. The second animation I am very interested in seeing is Brave, which has some very good visuals as far as the main character’s hair is concerned – I mean, really? ParaNorman seems delightful while another Ice Age is yet again entertaining us with Sid. Needless to say, he is my favorite character in the series but I haven’t really paid much attention to the latest films.

Still, how animated is the Summer of 2012!?