Commercial Break: More Like a Huge List … but Also a Catch Up

It’s been another hot minute but I’m back with an epic Commercial Break! In other words, I’m here to give a quick update on my boring life and list all the things I’ve seen and read. Honestly, it’s been so long (my fault completely) that I will most likely forget like half of what I’ve done. Which, considering the quarantine, isn’t much to begin with. Oh, the irony of life. Plus, while I’m writing this list, it’s like a sauna in my room due to the heatwave and my brain is no work no more. That being said, enjoy this crazy long Commercial Break!

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Hidden Gems: Brad Pitt

There were a few hours left of May when I sat down to write this. Not because I didn’t want to, or that I kept putting it off… I was simply very busy and this month had a very crazy start.  But I didn’t want to miss the deadline so here I am. If this sounds coherent or has some typos, it’s because I didn’t have time to proof read it. Anyway, it’s the fifth Hidden Gem of 2020. Almost half way through the year and it has not gone well so far. Can Brad Pitt come in and save the day?

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Top 10 Movies I Love to Go Back to Every Now & Then

Happy birthday to Mettel Ray! My blog-baby is 10 years old today and I couldn’t describe my emotions even if I tried. It’s definitely a special day! Which is why I decided, due to the special occasion, that instead of just celebrating my blogiversary on May 1st, I’d prolong the celebrations to last for 10 days. That’s right, you’re getting 10 days of Mettel Ray Top 10 lists. It will be all very random, just like me, and the topics will range from movies, shows, music, books etc. First up, probably the hardest list I had to compile because there are a lot of movies I rewatch… but here are 10 movies that I love to go back to every now and then.

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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Bad Boys

I love bad boys! Fucking love them! If I had to choose between a prince on a white horse and a bad boy, I’d grab my leather jacket on run towards the bad boy. So I’m not going to lie that this week I had a hard time narrowing this damn list down. Which way to go, all the way bad, or a little bad. Hint of bad or a lot of bad while maintaining a level of hotness. Well, I ended up going with characters who are essentially pretty darn bad… and all played by Brad Pitt. You’re welcome.

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#MettelRaySe7en: My Movie Alphabet Vol 2

While there might be some things that never change, we as people still constantly evolve just like the world around us. Our thoughts, our tastes, our opinions – with every new grain of information something in us could change completely. We might idolise someone one minute and cringe our noses at their stupidity the next, we might find a movie absolutely brilliant, only to fall out of love with it two years later. And it’s fascinating to see and compare our present to the past, which is why I had this crazy idea to compile My Movie Alphabet Vol 2, almost five years after I posted the first one. To see how I’ve changed… and how much I’ve stayed the same.

For more information,  click here for the blogathon announcement post.

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Fight Club (1999)

Fight ClubThis post is kind of a special one because it really doesn’t fit into my well organized system of reviews. It doesn’t really go under the Back On Track feature because I’ve seen Fight Club numerous times before but then it also doesn’t go together with the regular reviews that I usually tend to write about movies I’ve seen for the first time. So as I love symbolic meanings, I can say that to me, Fight Club is not just a special movie but even its review on my blog is one of a kind.

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Burn After Reading (2008)

Burn After Reading

I have no idea why I hadn’t seen Burn After Reading before today but I’m guessing I was just stupid. Don’t worry, I’m currently metaphorically banging my head against the table whilst thinking that it took me 5 years to see this entertaining and yet serious comedy that is light years away from the previous “funny” experience I had with Identity Thief. There’s a small chance that yesterdays horror as well as Brad Pitt’s astonishing performance lead to today’s high rating but then again, Burn After Reading is delightful on its own and yet another hit for the Coen brothers.

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