An End of an Era

Well, hello there! It’s been a while, a whole six months worth of absence here on Mettel Ray and I’m… alright. I’d be lying if I’d say I didn’t miss blogging though. Part of me has always thought about returning but then what would I say? What would I even write about… because I’m not […]

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Clarity and Subjective Clarity

Last year, in 2014, I watched 132 movies, out of which only 13 had been repeated experiences with already familiar movies. That means I watched 119 new stories, had 119 possibilities to see something completely different, had god knows how many scenes times 119 chances to be blown away, I was presented main characters in […]

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Here are my…

Making New Year’s resolutions is some what a talent of mine, I do it every year and every year I fail to follow up on my promises. I would like to say that this year is going to be different but it’s definitely too early for such outrageous statements. So why do I bother with […]

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