The Age of Adaline (2015)

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There are, like always, some spoilers. Before reading this review there are two fundamental things you need to be aware of; first, I’m not particularly a fan of romantic movies in general and secondly, I’m not particularly a fan of Blake Lively and her body of work. So you could imagine my surprise when I […]


Savages (2012)

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Keep calm and say it out loud: I’m back! Without any long description of my trip, at least not today, I will continue on reviewing the movies I have seen this month which is already a lot. Doing this while being totally aware of my enormous pile of school work that isn’t going to do […]


# 131 – The Town

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I haven’t seen a good action/drama/crime movie for a while (if I don’t count re watching The Departed) but The Town changed that – actually it didn’t 100% change it but it had some good moments. The whole story itself was rather not so good because I didn’t like the main characters! If you do […]