Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Female Cinematographers

This week was a bit of a difficult theme for me. Not just because there aren’t many female cinematographers in the main stream but because I hardly know cinematographers. It’s a name I don’t pay much attention to, it’s a name that doesn’t get a lot of attention. So this week when I was looking into these movies (very late and close to midnight, again being super late with my post) I wanted a mix of picks for this week. Here are three movies that have female cinematographers working with various projects. By highlighting the importance of these women I’ll not only show stills from their work but also themselves.

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CB: Sam “Oscar Winner” Rockwell & Other Not So Magnificent Things

Last week was another weird one for me. So it’s becoming evident that I’m not having the best time at the moment, and I’m graving for something special. Luckily, the universe has me covered! Sam Rockwell is an Oscar winner from this week forward – that’s my something special I’m starting this week with!

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CB: New Energy & The Good Times

Last week, right after I launched my very own blog address (if you haven’t yet updated my blog address on your blogrolls, please do, it’s now!), I took a small break. Despite that, I still posted on Thursday, as I always do, and shared a very special post on Saturday. During that, I had flashbacks to my 1000th post and honestly, still my most craziest post I’ve ever done! Anyway, here are my thoughts from last week.

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San Diego Comic-Con Highlights

Last year I mentioned Comic-Con in my Commercial Break but I’m upping my game this year and dedicating an entire post to it! That’s right, a post filled with stuff that was released during Comic-Con! This post will cover mostly trailer reactions, good and bad, and a few panel discussions, those of which I was the most interested in. And as it turns out I was rather interested in a lot of things, because there are 20 talking points total! Good luck!

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Commercial Break #77

Images from Tumblr

Seven is my favourite number. Not sure if it has any relation to the magical number seven featured in fairytales but I’ve always had a weird connection with this number. I like it, and not because it might feel magical, I just.. it’s a special number for me. So when I saw that this week’s Commercial Break was going to be a double seven – I freaked out, because there’s nothing special about these past few weeks. So I did what I could, I added pretty pictures to make things more special.

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