The Accountant (2016)

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Imagine my surprise when I walked out of The Accountant and I had only positive things circling my mind!? Because despite the promising trailer, and the premise, I was so certain the movie was going to step into the well known action thriller hole of clich├ęs. Yet, The Accountant kept it fresh right until the […]

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10 Things: Gone Girl

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Tried my hardest to make this post spoiler-free! When I heard David Fincher was going to direct Gone Girl, based on a widely acclaimed book by the same name, I was slightly overwhelmed. My love for Fincher has been fundamental these past few years so I thought I’d shake things up a bit by reading […]


Argo (2012)

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Firstly, I’m giving myself a great big hug for actually getting to the Oscar buzz movies before the Oscars are given out – something that I usually tend to do. That was a nice one, the hug I mean, anyways, important things first, Argo was in my highlights TOP 10 list of movies that I […]


# 131 – The Town

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I haven’t seen a good action/drama/crime movie for a while (if I don’t count re watching The Departed) but The Town changed that – actually it didn’t 100% change it but it had some good moments. The whole story itself was rather not so good because I didn’t like the main characters! If you do […]