Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Long Awaited Sequel

Almost missed this week’s post because I didn’t plan for it, and then I had two mega long work shifts yesterday and today. But, not to worry, I borrowed some sleep time and got this list on your way (with minor problems) and Thursdays are still a go! Also, even though one of the picks isn’t necessarily a sequel, it’s still a follow-up so… it counts!

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BlindSpot 2018, February: Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, & Before Midnight

Though I set myself a pretty big goal for the shortest month of the year, I watched all three Before movies. At first I thought I’d talk about them as a whole, as a packaged deal, but after finishing the second movie, I knew I had to view them separately. Here are my thoughts on Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

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CB: New Energy & The Good Times

Last week, right after I launched my very own blog address (if you haven’t yet updated my blog address on your blogrolls, please do, it’s now!), I took a small break. Despite that, I still posted on Thursday, as I always do, and shared a very special post on Saturday. During that, I had flashbacks to my 1000th post and honestly, still my most craziest post I’ve ever done! Anyway, here are my thoughts from last week.

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