Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Male Buddy Movies

This week we are looking more closely to the movies that could be categorised as male buddy movies. Now, I would be lying if I’d say I wasn’t stuck with this theme. Initially I thought male buddy movies are comedies (which I don’t like) or adventure/teen movies (which I haven’t seen many). So to find a common theme and keep with the male buddy theme became a true challenge this week. But I did it (with a twist) and here are my three recommendations.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Summer Blockbusters

The pressure of thinking outside the box for my own suggested topic is actually a lot bigger than I thought. The thing is, when I recommended it, I had this idea that 2017 summer was going to be so great and I was able to pick movies that stood out and be like, these here are great summer blockbusters! But that didn’t turn out well at all and this summer has been a bore, no offence summer! So I instead was inspired by failure for this list (isn’t that nice) – so here is a list of non-recommendations of 2017 summer releases that ARE NOTHING like summer blockbusters.

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Commercial Break #78

Images from Tumblr.

Since my last Commercial Break I’ve gone through a huge emotional roller coaster and it hasn’t been nice. Though now that I’ve enjoyed my vacation for almost a week I feel like things are slowly getting better but I’m still an emotional wreck. Nothing seems to be helping either, books, movies, shows, not to mention, writing. But I’m hanging in there, trying to be strong and not think negative thoughts, especially considering what this week is going to be like for me.

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