Top 10 TV-Shows That Are Not Made By Netflix

Thinking about the TV-shows I’ve reviewed recently (there haven’t been many), I always seem to talk about Netflix shows. Like generally, most of my reviews are on Netflix shows and even though I watch a lot of other shows too, they rarely end up here. So today’s post is dedicated to all the shows that are not on Netflix. Basically it’s a list of favourites by other streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Apple TV+, plus other places like HBO and a few regular broadcasting network shows too (I know, I’m surprised as well).

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Top 5 HBO Shows To Watch During Self-Quarantine

Well, how about these eventful times, eh? Anyone feeling anxious, panicked, worried – well, you’re definitely not alone. The corona pandemic has made its way to almost every country. Including mine, Estonia, which is super tiny with only 1,3 million people and has already over 200 infected (as we know of). Statistically we are not doing so great. Thankfully I have the option to work from home but I can just imagine how stressful it is for those who can’t go to work right now. Sending you all the best and let’s just stay healthy and get this virus contained! In the light of these events and being stuck at home for a while (as if I don’t do that on a regular basis), I decided to share my current favourite HBO shows. Everyone’s been loving on Netflix but HBO deserves some love too!

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Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: 2018 Freshmen Series

This year’s first Television Edition theme is all about those new shows that came out in 2018. Without actually going crazy and talking about my favourite among the last year’s freshmen, Bodyguard, I’m going with a theme within a theme! You guys seems to love these so let’s make it a bit more interesting this time around. I’m not going to tell you what the theme is, and I’ll let you tell me in the comments, what all three of my picks have in common.

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