Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Non-English Language Movies

Every year I fear this theme because I’m bad with foreign movies. When I see this theme looming, I think to myself, I’ll watch some non-English language movies and get an excellent recommendation list together. Well, this is not the case this time around and I have to list a non-English movie that I was not a fan of. Then again, the other two picks I list here are actually quite good. That being said, the pick I’m not a huge fan of, is highly liked my many others. So I consider this non-English list a hit regardless.

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Five Fantastic Films I Saw During The 22nd Black Nights Film Festival


Have you guys heard of Black Nights Film Festival? No? Well, it’s one of 15 A-category film festivals in the world and one of the biggest in the North-Europe. It’s also held in Tallinn, Estonia where I happen to live! This year it was held from the 16th of November to the 2nd of December, every day. There were over 200 feature films and over 300 shorts and animations. This year I was also lucky enough to receive a VIP pass to the festival. I saw 9 films (I just couldn’t manage more with my work), and here are my Top 5 films I saw during the festival.

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