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Arthur Mitchell

Top 5 Serial Killers


Though it is a joyous occasion, Mettel Ray’s big birthday bash starts off the Top 5 week with a rather bloody topic – serial killers! Then again, I’m a big fan of them, in movies and shows not in real life, and therefore it seemed fitting to dedicate a post to some of the most memorable ones I’ve encountered over the years. Let the Top 5 week here on Mettel Ray begin!…

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Favorite TV characters: part 3

Extra Tv-show

The end of the Favorite TV characters is almost here and I’m thrilled to present the Top 10 supporting males in this post. I have to admit, I found it difficult to limit myself yet again but I also found out that some men I considered as leading males are actually supporters (mostly based on the Golden Globe and Emmy nomination categories): that allowed me to mention guys I missed out on in the first male post couple of weeks…

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