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CB: Going Monthly & Regrets

Commercial Break

It’s been another hot minute since the last Commercial Break. I’ve been somewhat off-center with my time management lately and kept pushing writing into tomorrow’s duties. Now it’s been three weeks, most of January is gone and it feels like I’m rusty again. No worries though, it was all part of a plan. Because Commercial Break will from now be a monthly feature. Why? Well, let me explain……

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Aquaman (2018)


After seeing three DCEU movies I can finally say I’ve liked more than half of them. First, the Suicide Squad fiasco I’d like to forget. Then Wonder Woman’s triumph that won the hearts of many. And now, Aquaman keeping up the momentum for DCEU. Sure, there are flaws but it’s easier to overlook them when keeping in mind the entire extended universe. And despite a few missteps, DCEU kept its footing… not on the ground, but under the water.…

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