June Favorites

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As per usual, I haven’t really been consitent with my monthly favorites and since I’ve skipped April and May I have tons of favorites lined up. So this is technically not June favorites, it’s more like, I skipped two months so I better make up for it by listing favorites from April and May as well… enjoy!


# 148 – Boy A

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Every now and then I sit down and watch a good movie – meaning a serious one and not some entertainment stuff that just makes me laugh at it. Usually I write bad reviews about those movies cause they just seem to be asking for it. Anyway, this time I sat down and decided to […]


# 141 – Never Let Me Go

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There are some movies that I wait for and usually I’m not left disappointed after watching the movie – with some exceptions of course – Never Let Me Go was almost totally worth the wait. I’m not gonna say it was 100% perfect but it is definitely somewhere high up the list. Never Let Me […]