June Favorites

jun fav

As per usual, I haven’t really been consitent with my monthly favorites and since I’ve skipped April and May I have tons of favorites lined up. So this is technically not June favorites, it’s more like, I skipped two months so I better make up for it by listing favorites from April and May as well… enjoy!

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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Those of you who are familiar with my blog already know that I’ve got a soft spot for superhero movies. So it is no surprise that I’ve seen the Spider-Man trilogy with Tobey Maguire as the nerdy photographer who becomes the unlikely hero. Honest to truth, I thought the first movie was great, the second quite good and the third just plain awkward. Since the last version of Spider-Man had its flaws with bits and bobs that annoyed me, I was thrilled to see what kind of changes the new version had implemented to the story. To my surprise, the new Spider-Man won my heart more than the first one by a milestone.

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# 190 – The Amazing Spider-man (trailer special)

I’m not gonna lie – I like Spider-man and I actually enjoy all those comic-book movies. When I heard that a new version of Spider-Man is coming out next year I was very excited because it happens to include two of my favorite people in Hollywood: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. After some time, only seeing a photo, the teaser trailer is finally out. I do have a small issue with it because the running around looks too much like a video-game but I hope that this is just something they did for a trailer. The rest of it seems to be much darker than the original and considering Garfield’s previous roles Peter Parker looks more serious than the first version of him. In other news, the director of The Amazing Spider-Man is Marc Webb (Webb – isn’t that ironic) who also was behind (500) Days of Summer – at least three awesome people behind it and the movie seems promising for me. Other than that, Andrew Garfield looks good (which is no surprise) but it might take me a while to get used to him as Peter Parker – I have Tobey Maguire in my head as Spider-Man. Guess I have to wait until the movie comes out on July 3rd 2012 (oh, the long wait).


# 148 – Boy A

Every now and then I sit down and watch a good movie – meaning a serious one and not some entertainment stuff that just makes me laugh at it. Usually I write bad reviews about those movies cause they just seem to be asking for it. Anyway, this time I sat down and decided to watch a movie from 2007, Andrew Garfield in the lead. I’ve started to warm up to him lately, he has that something something going on and his Spiderman movie might be very interesting.

Boy A is a story of a young kid who gets out of prison. He and his friend were young and foolish, they killed a young girl and got sentenced in a very young age so by the time he was out of prison he was a teenager, a young man who had lost his youth. Nobody knows his true identity except his guardian who himself has a young son who he doesn’t care much about. How the young boy becomes a part of society and how the people find it outrageous that a young man who killed a girl is out in the world again. The pressure to be normal, the need to fit in – an outsider in the big scary world.

That’s what it is all about, the struggle of a innocent killer. Plus, it’s an English film and you should know, I love the accent and the country and the people from there – UK all the way. Andrew Garfield was pretty unknown back then, considering he now has movies like Never Let Me Go, The Social Network and Spiderman’s new edition. He has grown up since then but the innocent boy look back in 2007 in the Boy A was a suitable role for him. Over all I think this movie deserves a solid 4 out of 5 score. But the fact that this isn’t a light movie should be remember, sometimes I tend to over think things if I’m in a serious mood and watch serious movies – but maybe it’s just me and my weird traditions.

# 141 – Never Let Me Go

There are some movies that I wait for and usually I’m not left disappointed after watching the movie – with some exceptions of course – Never Let Me Go was almost totally worth the wait. I’m not gonna say it was 100% perfect but it is definitely somewhere high up the list.

Never Let Me Go is a movie based on a book that is definitely going on my list (apparently I have a lot of lists) and I read from somewhere that the movie itself is different from it – something about the ending that isn’t quite like it is in the movie. But the plot is the same, it tells a story about people who are brought up as donors. A donor’s mission in life is to lead a healthy life until they are ready to donate and they do so until they basically can’t do any more donations. So from the start, we are faced with the fact that they are going to die at a young age. The movie is set in three stages, from 1978 to 1994, and fallows only three main characters and yes there is a love triangle hidden somewhere – Kathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley) while Kathy remains the narrator of the whole movie. My first thought, when I saw the trailer, was that I like the cast. I’ve been a fan of Keira for a while now, I enjoy her in movies like Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, The Duchess – she has that timeless quality to herself, she suits those movies and she suited this one. Andrew Garfield is a fresh name for me, I know him from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (which was of course the last Heath Ledger movie) a little bit and from the best movie of last year (according to the Golden Globes) The Social Network. Andrew is definitely going up and he is making the newest Spider-Man movie with Emma Stone (I’m quite excited, I am a fan of comic-book hero movies and it is a pleasure to wait for the next Spider-Man). Carey Mulligan is a treat for the eyes, An Education was good and Never Let Me Go is no exception. I think it has to do with the fact that the English have the power to adapt to roles on a more deeper level. Of course there are those in America that do the same, but the young stars in UK seem to be better at it than the fresh faces in the States. This being totally my own assumption based on my knowledge about UK and US actors. Anyway, the three worked separately and together: nicely done.

The story itself was a bit slow and by that I mean that the end kept coming and coming and didn’t. I think it was my own doing because I knew what was going to happen, everybody will know it at some point maybe even from the start but the closer the end came the slower it started to move. But I guess you can’t rush movies like this: dark, gray, sad, lonely, hopeless.. A gray movie all in all, from the sky to the plot (I mean it was sad not bad) – even the clothes looked tired of being warned. That being said, I might even revisit the movie some other time because it had some great quotes hidden in it and I don’t mind to watch Andrew Garfield scream like bloody murder one more time – 4 out of 5.