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Breaking Emotions: Fear, Awkward, Tears & Surprise


Since November has ended, it’s finally my turn to start Breaking Emotions before the Blogathon deadline drops on the 16th of December – and as you can see, I’m cutting it close and therefore tackling 2 weeks worth of emotions at once! For those who haven’t yet participated, or this is the first time seeing this Blogathon at all, check out this page for a little bit of information and start breaking those emotions.…

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# 286 – American Reunion


Today I had something totally different in mind for what I wanted to post but since I have an exam tomorrow I decided to spend a little less time on my blog and a little more time on spa treatments. So I had to go with the easier choice and do another review, this time for a movie from this year, American Reunion. Needless to say, that this is the last installment of the pie-guy and his friends, which focuses…

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