10 Things I Love About Veronica Mars

veronica mars weekSome minor spoiler thing.

This will be the last Veronica Mars list this week because the review of the movie goes up on Sunday. That being said, this has been an interesting week for me and who knows, maybe I’ll do similar weekly TV-show appreciation posts some time in the future. I can think of many shows I could write about tons and would love to gush about but let’s get back to the topic at hand, here are my 10 things I love about Veronica Mars (in no particular order)!

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Top 5 Minor Characters in Veronica Mars

veronica mars weekMinor spoilers may be read from the post.

The idea was to list Top 10 characters but considering the main characters would’ve taken over the entire list, I figured I’d go with the Top 5 minor characters instead. Besides, it’s pretty obvious my favorite would be Veronica and/or Logan, because it’s hard to choose between them, followed by Weevil and Wallace and so on. Plus, it turned out better than expected because it was a lot easier to list and rank the minor and yet memorable characters!

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Top 10 Veronica Mars Episodes

veronica mars weekThere is just one spoiler ahead, you’ve been informed, continue!

This will be the Veronica Mars week! I decided on this today because I love Veronica Mars and why not dedicate a whole week to her? Also, I figured the best way to ease the not-so-positive Veronica Mars (2014) movie review, coming at the end of the week, is to show my eternal love for the show! Best way to do so is to make lists and well, there are a couple of lists coming this week and I’m not even sorry. So get ready to look back with me while I rejoice and celebrate the crime solving Veronica Mars who made me feel all kinds of happy for three years.

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# 278 – In Time

Justin Timberlake has left the music behind him and entered the world of movies with great success. Meaning he has been in many movies lately and I keep watching those movies although I have no idea why. In Time happened to be his action movie with Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Cillian Muprhy and Matt Bomer.

The whole point is that after a certain age people don’t get older anymore and their time starts to run. So it is basically a good concept, that time is a currency in the future  – time is priceless. The way they played out the concept wasn’t as good as one would expect. Not to mention the fact that they probably had like no idea how to edit this movie together – the time was running, there was like seconds left and it felt like freaking minutes. That was what made me mad – if the whole concept of the movie is about time, then the time during the movie should be running as realistically as possible. It could be done, it has been done – but American blockbuster action movies tend to avoid that.

Andrew Niccol who wrote and directed the movie has done many movies over the past 15 years, beginning with Gattaca, The Truman Show and Lord of War for instance. In Time might not be his best work, since I have seen the other ones, but the concept like I already said is pretty excellent. I would like to read a book with a similar story, where the alternative future is based on time-currency.

Also something I saw was the idea of driving between the levels, I don’t remember if they actually were called levels or districts – whatever. The idea was very similar to The Hunger Games concept – different levels connected by the high-way but they differ with people’s wealth. So when Timberlake’s character rides to the most highest level it seems very cool and everything up to that moment is absolutely brilliant – but then it starts to fall into the typical action movie black hole and it becomes ordinary among its other “friends”.

I mentioned Matt Bomer in the beginning because he is the first hero in this movie – having a lot of time, being like a hundred years old or something, he gives his time to Timberlake’s character. Sadly. I like him, I haven’t watched White Collar since the first season and I don’t remember why, probably because I had so many shows and I needed to prioritize. Anyway, Bomer’s role in this is small but he is still a hero in some ways. Not like Cillian Murphy who is this good-bad-good guy – I just adore him. I liked him in the Red Eye of which I still remember this one specific scene because I thought it was perfect.

Anyway, no other things to say, I would give the general idea a lot more credit that the actual final product but I guess it wouldn’t be fair.

#212 – In Time (trailer special)

Justin Timberlake has turned his back to music and is making a lot of movies lately. Friends With Benefits came out a little while ago and now, in the end of October, In Time – sci-fi action movie is hitting the screen. The movie takes place in near future and is about being young forever. It looks promising but I’m not very excited about it – Justin is the lead Robin Hood type hero, Olivia Wilde plays his mother (that is just weird), Amanda Seyfried is the love interest and Cillian Murphy looks like the villain in this one. Great cast (I’m not happy with the female leads but still) with Andrew Niccol as director/writer – might look promising as an action movie but so do a lot of trailers.


# 67 – Letters to Juliet

Remember how I told you that romantic comedies have died for me? Well, Letters to Juliet didn’t have better luck in my book.

First, the woman who played the lady who was looking for her long lost love (I don’t even care about her to look up her name!) looked like she was high most of the time! Or was it her vision how to play a role of an elderly woman finding her lover? It was horrible – and I never say that, I usually dislike the actor/actress but never I critic the acting because I have no idea how to act but now I see what’s bad acting, it was that lady acting like the character just smoked a joint and had no idea what was going on!

Amanda Seyfried was the same like she was in Dear John – I don’t know. They say some actresses have every color of the rainbow – she is giving me pink (and it’s not even in the rainbow) and she gave me pink in Dear John and in Mamma Mia!. I am waiting for something new from her.

Christopher Egan – nothing to say. Gael García Berna – love you, don’t ever change!

Now to the story.. Oh god. Where to start? The beginning was hopeful, then it become funny, then I coulnd’t stand it and then they lost me at the balcony! The reason why I disliked the balcony scene at the end was because it was too obvious! I would’ve liked to see something not so Romeo and Juliet and then later connect the dots myself – rather than see the balcony and the guy telling “It had to be the balcony?” like I wouldn’t get that it was linked to the all so famous love-story. Basically – it was stupid!

Since romatic comedies have died in my mind, I’m not gonna even give them any stars from now on if I don’t like them. Maybe it is just me and my non-excisting love life or maybe it truly is the stupidity of the movies – I am not sure, but my dearest wish is that someone will finally write something that doesn’t look like a marshmallaow-cherrypie-icecream mushy love story! I should start looking outside of Hollywood – HW is becoming too shallow for me.