Hidden Gems: Chris Evans

You knew I was going to leave Chris Evans last in this Hidden Gems adventure I had this year. Though I eventually had to squeeze two in one month, it all turned out well. The choices for December, Chris and Adam (who you read about yesterday, hopefully), were brilliant in terms of viewing pleasure. Leaving Hidden Gems with Chris Evans last was also a good decision. I ended on a relatively good note – that’s what I’m basically saying.

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Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek Into DarknessThere are some spoilers in this ramble-review, therefore, don’t spoil the movie for yourself.

I loved the first Star Trek (2009) and that love has grown even stronger after those close to 20 times I’ve watched J. J. Abrams bring that final frontier onto my screen. So one could only imagine my excitement when I was sitting in the cinema and waiting for Star Trek Into Darkness to blow my mind! But nobody, including me, could have predicted the fact that my mind was so intact that I wanted to blow it off myself.

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The Decoy Bride (2011)

Not only have I published a pretty consistent list of reviews in the past week (do I get a prize?), I have also stayed in a more serious side of things. And while I enjoy watching a huge amount of more serious movies, I also like to switch myself off sometimes and put on a lighter plot. What it actually does, is make me mad because lighter tends to go naive in just a blink of an eye and I blink regularly so – naive is all I get. So imagine my face when The Decoy Bride was finished and all the appreciation I had for David Tennant seemed to be tiptoeing itself out of my mind, or better yet, don’t imagine my face, it looks so unattractive when I’m disappointed.

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