Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Oscar Winners Edition: Best Original Score and Best Original Song

Music has never been in a more important place in my life than these past months. So I tried to do this theme justice this week and I went with songs that I think EVERYONE knows and has heard at least once. If not.. you must have been living under a rock for sure.  But let’s dive right into my three picks that all won the Best Original Song Oscar. They are also from the last decade AND they are all sung by women (sorta).

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Top 10 Live Performances of Amazing Songs That Blew My Mind

Ranking music has always been a great struggle for me (ranking anything is hard to be honest). It still is so don’t expect this list of favourite live performances to be a walk in the park for me. But I wanted to have something different during this 10 days and I figured a music break will fit perfectly! Since songs are so hard for me to rank, I figured live performances of songs I love will be a lot easier to muster. I was of course wrong but hey, at least I tried. Here are 10 of my favourite live performances  I’ve seen that blew my mind.

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Hotline Moves

drake-hotline-blingOn October 26th, Drake released a music video for Hotline Bling and the Internet almost broke. It didn’t break entirely, because Kim Kardashian already broke it a while ago and well, I don’t think we ever fully fixed it. Or did we? Anyway, people were endlessly commenting on Drake’s video, people were making memes left and right, and parodies appeared all over the place. And I’m sitting here and thinking, why all the hate for Drake’s moves!?

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