Academy Awards

ScrapBook: The 2018 Award Season

I have always loved scrapbooks, journaling and notebooks… but from afar. Me actually completing a scrapbook or even a notebook would qualify as a miracle. Therefore I have decided to take my scrapbook dreams and apply them to my blog. For my first attempt to online scrapbook, I’ve compiled my favourite moments, captures, quotes and winners […]

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CB Special: OscarNoms Reaction

During the announcement for the 90th Academy Award nominees, I was luckily preoccupied with a few work things, and wasn’t paying attention. Good thing too, because the wait, the anticipation and the nerves would have been torture. And the pressure to seek out one particular nomination was also lifted, because right when I logged onto […]

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Linked: Oscar edition

It is time to summarize the Oscar season and get it over with while everything is still buzzing. First up, I didn’t watch the ceremony – it would have been either a super early wake-up process or staying up late til the early hours and.. I love sleeping. Secondly, I was one of those people […]

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