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Thursday Movie Picks: Great Final Films of Actors/Actresses

Thursday Movie Picks

This was a very difficult theme for me. Especially since I have not seen many classics and I think these would yield the most possible great final films for actors and actresses. Still, there have been, and sadly there will always be “final films” for talented actors and actresses. I figure I should watch The Crow (as I think I would like it) but for now, it couldn’t have been mentioned. Also, just to clarify, when movies are released posthumously,…

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About Time (2013)


Being the fifth attempt to write this review (I think I have lost my mojo somewhere in the middle of my school work), I’m just going to go ahead and say that About Time surprised me! Yes, that’s my opening statement about the movie, surprise, the whole movie was a grand surprise due to the fact that I had no idea that Richard Curtis was behind it. It also helped that the trailer was completely misleading and made it all…

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