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A Star is Born

Top 10 Movie & Tv-Show Beards That Are So Perfect That UGH

10 For 10 Mettel Ray

You know that feeling when something’s so perfect that you just hate it. Yeah, there’s a word for love and frustration all rolled in one – it’s “ugh”. And you know what usually makes me grind out that word, beards. Really good beards. Because no matter how closely I look, or how many times I inch towards that screen, that beard is not as close to me as it should. And yes, this is a lust post – enjoy!…

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CB: Where the F*ck Have I Been / Break Recap Part 1

Commercial Break

It’s November?!? Oh how the time flies. Especially when one takes a somewhat unexpected sort of a (but not really) break from blogging. But breaks are important. Breaks allow us to recharge, regroup and re-energise our lives. So I’m hoping to be a bit more lively in November, even though I have a super busy month ahead. But I had a feeling I needed to bring back Commercial Break today!…

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A Star is Born (2018)


Sometimes we take things for granted. We look at stars, and we think they have it all. If we were in their shoes, we’d be happy! I’m not saying we’d all like to be famous and stars in our own right , but I think we’ve all had that tiny thought of having it all. A Star is Born’s latest remake is a reminder that life is never about having it all. But about having that one thing, that just might save…

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Top 5 Fall Releases I’m Looking Forward To

Top 5

For most, it’s the season of rain and cold symptoms, which is the perfect time to watch movies! That logic works, right!? Let’s just say it does. Plus, the blockbuster season has passed, so it’s time for all the award thirsty releases! In other words, here are my top 5 picks from the upcoming fall movies.…

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