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A Separation

# 265 – Golden Globes 2012 Winners (Extra special)


So it is over, another year of movies has sort of passed (since the awards usually reflect the end) and the Globes are given to the best of the best. Like I said, George Clooney had a great year and it is proven by the fact that he took home the Best Motion Picture for the Descendants and the Best Actor! I had a feeling about that or was it just my respect for Clooney that created that feeling, but…

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# 255 – A Separation (foreign special)

Foreign Movie

As I took part in PÖFF (which I posted a lot about and will continue to do so) I started to think about the content of this blog. Difficult statements were made in my mind and a final decision was that I will start to focus on foreign movies (that meaning movies that are not American). For me, this is probably a bit funny, cause I am Estonian and American movies are foreign for me as well but since I…

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