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An Essay: Year 2016 Told Through Movies

Mettel Ray

We start off the year with an Oscar race that has our hearts beating erratically because this might be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year, and it was. He won, he got that Oscar, he held that Oscar, he took that Oscar with him to show off to his supermodels and polish on his yacht while the sun cast golden streaks of light onto Leo’s face. But as soon as the blockbuster movies started to roll in, as soon as the superheros began…

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21st Century’s Sweet Sixteen


2015 is no more, and 2016 is upon us with so many great and amazing things ahead, I can just feel it! Last night I watched Sherlock’s special, and thus began my year of loving cinema and TV shows, and I also picked up a book, to continue my love affair with reading. I also scribbled down some story concepts, and played around with creative ideas for things I have planned. And I have to say, this year already feels…

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