Needless to say, Suits was my favorite newcomer last summer and it quickly became my favorite show in general. There are probably a lot of reasons, starting with Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, the esthetics of the show, the clever writing, the word-plays, the boss/employee relationship and by the end, the fact that Suits  is far from boring! I watched the first season about two times and just to be sure, the third time as well. You can’t really do that with shows that are one dimensional and Suits is the kind of series that has so much hidden in itself that every time you watch it, you notice new things.

Waiting for season 2 was not difficult but I am a girl who watches over 30 shows during the fall and spring schedule, so I doubt I will ever wait for something. But as the weeks started counting down to nothing and the day kept getting closer, I felt the excitement! I wasn’t sure what I was looking forward the most, the chemistry between Macht and Adams or the show’s thrilling story lines, but there is no doubt what so ever about te fact that Suits 2×01 delivered everything I could have ever hoped for.

Yes, this is going to be like a short praise for Suits and I’m not even sorry. As my summer tends to be quite uneventful I think I will recap all the episodes but this means you are in for some spoilers from now on. You have been warned and I would also like to say that if you haven’t watched the show, give it a try, so far, everybody who have gotten the recommendation, have liked/loved it.

Last season ended with a big story twist, Mike’s ex-friend walked up to Jessica Pearson and said he had something to tell her, as well as messing things up with Rachel. So, basically, this friend kicked off the two main story lines for season 2 and one of them was on fire in the first episode. The whole 46 minutes had its ups and downs, all hovering over Mike’s status in the firm, one minute we think Harvey is going to fire him, then he is protecting him. True bromance! I am probably gonna use that word a lot to describe Harvey and Mike, but there is no better word to say about those two. They are both nerds who quote movies, annoyingly but awesomely smart and they trust each other. Harvey who put his career on the line for Mike in season 1, is still defending him, even when Jessica finds out that Mike faked his Harvard degree. Obviously Harvey tries to bargain with her after she asks him to fire Mike and he simply can’t do it.

This is all made possible because of the plot twist, there is a new bad guy, Daniel Hardman, in town and he has a grudge! Mainly towards Jessica and Harvey because they were the ones that faced him out of the company when his shady deals and affair surfaced but was kept as a secret for the firm’s benefit. I read that there was an alternative version of the pilot which never ran in US but did in all the other countries that have Suits on TV, which means to some, Hardman is a familiar name but I, as I watched the US version, have never seen him. Based on this episode, I would say he is trouble and he has an ironic name.

Still, despite this new guy who Harvey uses as leverage against Jessica, the first plan to keep Mike in the firm falls on its knees and this means that Harvey has to threaten Jessica that when Mike leaves, he will leave. True bromance moment (as I said, I am going to say this a lot) and what a thrilling scene between these very powerful people. I find it funny or better yet, ironically amusing, that Jessica and Harvey get along well, because they do blackmail each other a lot it seems. But I guess they admire that quality in each other, the need to protect your own and do what ever it takes to do so. For me personally, I am not very sure how this is realistic, in a real world I assume this would never happen but for the purpose of the show this dynamic works extremely well.

Therefore, although the first episode was focused entirely on Mike’s future as a lawyer, there was a couple of moments in the episode when we saw some additional stories evolve. Rachel and Mike, and their seemingly strong sexual tension was cooled down by Rachel, due to the missed call she left but Mike never got. Although, of course, she didn’t know about it and was mad at him. I like how she is basically the only character who doesn’t know about Mike’s big lie. Donna, the adorable and totally fierce Harvey’s assistant knows and she, like her boss, is fond of him but she also gets along with Rachel. So I am interested in finding out if the most clueless person in Mike’s life would catch on any time soon and if she does, there is bound do be some “You lied to me!” stuff thrown at Mike’s face. Until then, Rachel has no idea and everybody else seems to be fine with it.

The first episode ended with Jessica and Mike having an one on one conversation, basically the moment Mike had with Harvey in the pilot episode where he proved himself to be worthy of the job. We probably won’t see any of that actually happen but there might be some clever and ironic, as well as sarcastic remarks about it in the future. So I am pretty excited already because the season will definitely be exhilarating as the whole series has now like the arch-enemy thing going on and the entire season will probably revolve around this mess they are all in, hopefully with some exciting law cases and some romantic stuff will not be absent. All in all, first episode was amazing and witty, just what I expect from the entire season!

Of course this isn’t the best way to discuss an episode but I had some time and I needed to rant about something I love, and despite all things, I love Suits and this feeling will not go away any time soon!

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  • Suits was also my favorite of the new shows to start last year.

    I enjoy the dynamic between Mike and Harvey. I think the show has a great cast, charismatic characters, and is very well written.

    I was glad that they didn’t drag out no one finding out Mike’s secret for 3-4 years, like most network shows would have done. It’s out there and they deal with it. I like that Louis won’t be the only “villain” on the show. Hardman could make for a very compelling character, and based on what the writers have done so far we have no reason to think that he won’t be.

    Overall, the show has gotten off to a solid start in its sophomore run.

    • Interesting note on the Mike’s secret being out so soon. I didn’t even think about it, probably because it came so fast and felt realistic.. if they had dragged it out, I’ve would have noticed it for sure.

      They are all individually interesting, and I like how they work together. The esthetics of the show is just pure magic!

      On that note, have you seen this seasons newcomer, The Newsroom?

      • If it had been dragged out it would have become an annoyance, and that’s why you would have noticed

        As a matter of fact, I just watched Newsroom last night. I really liked it. I like the realism behind it, it took a true-life disaster and worked it wonderfully into the show. I’ve never been a Jeff Daniels fan, but I like him in this role. I also, again, like the cast that they’ve put together. It doesn’t hurt when Aaron Sorkin is the writer, does it?

        My only concern is that shows like this, that hit so true to home on many levels, aren’t usually adored by critics. I also believe, audiences will give a show like this about a half season, before they start to vanish…they either like it, or they don’t by the 3rd episode. If the ratings remain solid, and I hope they do, then hopefully we get a good 5-6 seasons out of the show.

  • Your concern makes me concerned as well, I mean HBO showed Sex and the City for so many years but only had How to Make It In America for two seasons, where the last was far better than the first!
    Lots of shows remain in the air because they are entertaining but if they are more serious and touch delicate matters, like Newsroom, they seem to be lost. But since it is such a refreshing topic, I hope it continues and critics value its integrity – it would be stupid to take it as an insult but as you said, they might not like the truth.

    • You give a perfect example. It’s very rare the serious shows that touch base on true to life topics ever last. You can look at Sorkin’s resume alone and find a number of shows (Sports Night, Studio 60…) that were too close to real and they weren’t given the time to establish an audience.

      I have the entire 2nd season of The Killing on my DVR…was it as good as the first one?

      Also, I haven’t watched any of Common Law…any good?

      • Hopefully Sorkin’s name will make the show more popular.. couldn’t help to bring back Jesse Eisenbergs voice but I guess it was a one time thing – sadly.
        The Killing’s season two, like I said in my review, was a let down for me. It felt too long and only couple of great moments here and there. But maybe it has a better feel, if you watch it in a row, waiting for an episode each weak might alter the opinions.

        Common Law is entertaining – I think that says it all.

  • I think Sorkin’s name is supposed to hook his fans, but keeping them there is another story.

    I didn’t read your review, because I don’t want to spoil anything…but I expected the 2nd season to be a letdown. I was pissed that they didn’t reveal the killer in season 1…I felt cheated, hence my laziness in watching season 2.

    I can deal with entertaining….that’s the same reason I watch Fairly Legal, Royal Pains, and a host of others.

    • Well I guess they thought they had the skills to drag it out for a second season but all the dynamics felt pushed. I did enjoy Kinnaman’s role though, but it is because I like him.
      Entertainment and liking a certain actor/actress keeps me watching way too many shows.

  • I thought the first season was awesome, but the second one just sky-rocketed!!! Favourite episode so far has been the flash back episode to 5 years before followed by the mock-trial episode. Louis in the toilet with Harvey was mind-blowing. Also loved the whole thing they did with Donna, teasing the viewers…. ahhh, I’m just so in love with this show!!

    • Second wasn’t that bad.. I just hate the idea of these dead end things and then magically it is not dead end. Although, I do enjoyed the second season and Harvey being high – it showed the completely different side of him and now I just want more.

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