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It’s just a matter of time until a movie blogger gets a great idea to run her or his first blogathong, this time it’s Margaret from Cinematic Corner taking the leap into the blogathon world with Spin-off!

Before I get to my choice, here are the rules:

1. Choose a character that you love and would like to see as a leading character in the movie and write why you chose this character and what that movie would be like.
2. Don’t choose leading characters or supporting characters with lots of screentime, the goal is to focus on minor characters who have between 1-5 scenes. However if you really loved a character who is on screen for more than that, go for it.
3. You can use TV characters if you like.
4. Include the logo above and link back to the original post. Let Cinematic Corner know about your post in her post comment section, via twitter or e-mail.
The deadline is March 30th.
My spin-off movie would feature:


There was a certain subtle intelligence to Monica in Don Jon, portrayed by the lovely Brie Larson, who had about two lines throughout the entire movie. She was present in all the family dinners and yet, she was the observer, never adding anything to the family dynamics in terms of conversation and as a viewer, I can’t help to wonder what was actually going on in her head, who was she constantly texting and what might became of her in the future.

Yes, she was sort of a bigger supporting role, and yet, what did we find out about her during Don Jon? Pretty much nothing, actually, nothing at all! We just knew her parents, her brother and as this complete opposite to all her family members, she remained a mystery. That mystery around her is why I chose Monica, plus, Brie Larson was absolutely brilliant.

brie larson don jon

Monica was definitely a character you would remember, in the middle of all those strong characters, she was almost the strongest even and I would definitely love to see a spin-off movie featuring Monica’s own struggles in life. She would probably be in a movie where voice over delivered most of her thoughts about people around her and life in general. It would most likely be an indie type drama, with dark sarcastic humor here and there, while she goes through life.

I have a feeling that she will do well, she has that kind of a dark horse vibe which means she will power through life and come out as a winner. Part of me thinks she’ll be involved with the art scene, as a painter for instance or a gallery owner. It would be the kind of becoming successful movie, but it would have a different kind of success as the outcome, not money, but relationships, family and talent. If I’d get carried away, she’d get herself a very decent guy as well because.. I’d love to see Monica in the midst of her own little family dynamic – man, kids and of course her parents from Don Jon to add some spice.


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