Margaret over at Cinematic Corner  does Soundtrack Wednesday posts and I really like those. I’m not planning to make this into a habit but I figured that I have to do this at least once. Especially since there’s probably not many of you who are going to watch Truth and Justice and you would end up missing out on its soundtrack. Which would be a real shame!


Truth and Justice in an Estonian movie that broke our national box office record (yes, I’m Estonian). It dethroned Avatar so we can finally relax and breathe – we have our own movie in the first place! The story is about Andres (Priit Loog) and his wife in the 19th century, having just bought a farm and starting a family. The movie spans through many years and we see Andres, a hard working man, lose his way along the years.

The movie is based on a famous novel by Anton Hansen Tammsaare with the same name. Adapted and also directed by Tanel Toom.

The soundtrack for the movie was done by an Estonian composer named Mihkel Zilmer. With the exception of three tracks, all church songs by Pärt Uusberg with lyrics. For me (and probably for many if not all others), the soundtrack captures the movie and the historic atmosphere very well. I hadn’t seen the movie since February but listening to the soundtrack again the other day, I was immediately back in that theater – loving it.


Here are my five favourite tracks from the soundtrack of Truth and Justice.

Track titled: Labour

Track titled: A Funny Man

Track titled: The Dam

Track titled: Two Fir Trees

Track titled: Justice


If you liked what you heard, you can listen to the entire soundtrack HERE. And do try to see it because I’m curious to hear what you think!



    • Yeah? It does have a very dark and gritty tone to it, fits the movie so well. And yes, I like Avatar but should have been dethroned long ago. 😀

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